Got my ltd mh417 and noticed after month when i plug jack and accidentally rotated the plug by 30 degrees or something i loose the sound, like if it was muted. It seems to be weird, i dont known if its a guitar or cable problem, some small rotation of plug by few degrees and sounds turns down or it mutes, no buzzing. Not sure, cause never really noticed things when used to play old ibanez..

Could be a problem with either the jack or the cable. Process of elimination, try a different cable first. If that doesn't work, open the jack up, see if any of the solder connections look loose, or if they're touching each other.
Its guitar, wheni rotated cable in ibanez nothing happens, when in ltd , it lsoes soudn or buzz a little...fuuuu..
True, that what I would do..

-Test the cable continuity (with a multimeter or use another cable)
If both cables are bad:
-Check the jack (clean the contacts with cleaner like alchool and check solder)
If not:
Give us more details...
What's probably happening is that over time, the jack has come loose, and one of the wires, possibly the ground has started to detatch from the jack being turned too much. that is why all your sound cuts out.

When tightening a jack, it is best to open the cavity and hold it from the back as you tighten the nut. Otherwise the jack turns and eventually twists off the wires.

Resolder your jack connections and use a dab of green or blue Loctite (NOT THE RED) on the nut when reinstalling the jack.
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