Hi there can anyone tell me if its possible to play a semi acoustic through a line 6 pod plus as i am thinking of buying one as my first effects board for guitar? Basically i want to know if its possible to treat my acoustic as an electric guitar and therefore benefit from the amp and cab modeling as well as the effects?

I have tried google with this question but it apears no-one has asked or answered this question before at least not that i can find i would be greatful for some input from someone.

My guitar is a tanglewood sundance with prefix pickups (9v battery) jumbo bodied if that helps look forward to your thoughts
Yes it would work... but that's about it. It would work, but it would not sound great.

Are you looking to use it for gig or just pissing about at home?
Initially at home for home daw system. Why will it not sound great is this to do with the difference in imepdance? If so is there a way to match the impedance of my semi with that of the pod?
By semi acoustic do you mean an acoustic guitar with a mic/piezo or a hollow electric?
Yes a jumbo bodied acoustic with fishman prefix pickups this is in the fishman premium range of pick ups and i can plug this directly into my pa with no problems but i want to be able to experiment with amp modeling for my home DAW system and would prefer not to have to buty another guita