Hey guys I know this is a real basic question but im looking for a little help, I have been playing guitar now for 4 years but never properly learned how to train with a metronome. There are many videos and articles out there but it seems everybody has their own opinion . Does anybody have or know of any links where I can properly lean how to use one correctly?
Basically, a metronome gives you a pulse. To practice with one, you use that pulse as the tempo and play everything relative to whatever tempo you have dialed in.

In 4/4 time, each click of the metronome is a quarter note in duration with four quarter notes to the measure. If you were practicing an eighth note run, you'd be playing two evenly spaced notes per click. If you were practicing a series of whole notes, you'd be playing one note per four clicks. If you were doing sextuplets, you would play six notes per beat. etc etc etc
youll have to learn rythm, exaple quarter notes, 16 notes, eight notes, triplets, 16 note triplets etc. this is the amount of notes you can place between two consecutive beats. any course on the internet on how to read notation will do. observe the notation of your favourite songs and see what kind of rythmic grouping it uses and at what tempo. use a software like gutiar pro.
Thanks for the replies guys, I should have learned this stuff years ago but better late than never. I was always praised for my natural feel for rythym guitar but in order to play in a band I need to learn the strict timing that goes with it