So, I have a Schecter Blackjack C-1. It's a great guitar, set neck, the original Seymour Duncan pickups and a really metally sound.

My problem with it is - I play blues and rock almsot exclusively (The Black Keys, Jack White, Buddy Guy, Jon Spencer, sometimes the likes of The Vines). And the Schecter has a very sharp sound, which is very good for distortion and, you know, shredding.

I posted to sell it, and was offered to trade for a Mexican Fender Stratocaster in great condition. I'm guessing sound-wise I will like it much more, but I don't want to trade for something really inferior price-wise. You think it's a fair trade (I'm ok if the fender is a bit cheaper)?
I think you should sell it instead and go and try out some guitars at guitar center if you are from U.S or you could buy some different pickups. I believe the fender standard is worth about $500 new so there is a bit of a price difference with your schecter.