What Neo classical songs are good for beginner?

Something with "interesting" arpeggious and that kind of stuff ?
Most so-called "neoclassical" is centered around virtuoso guitarists and extreme technicality. By definition, it really isn't a beginner's game.
yeah, i know that. But i mean something "on the way" to neocalssical.

Perhaps some easy classical songs ?
Quote by viktortap
yeah, i know that. But i mean something "on the way" to neocalssical.

Perhaps some easy classical songs ?

Classical and neoclassical actually bear very little in common with one another. You're barking up the wrong tree there.

The best thing I can suggest is to go back and look to the progenitors of the style, that's about as easy as you're going to get. Look up Richie Blackmore's work (with Deep Purple and others) and also check out Uli Jon Roth (a.k.a. Ulrich Roth), especially the song Sails Of Charon by Scorpions. Sails Of Charon in particular contains all the elements that go in to the average neoclassical song but a little slower, less mind-bendingly hard. Still a challenge mind, it'll take a while to get down, but more doable that jumping straight to something like Black Star or Far Beyond The Sun.

Guys like Malmsteen spent a lot of time working with that kind of stylistic framework and basically supercharging everything about it: faster, more technical, more gain, just more.
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Zaphod is definitely right. Neoclassical is almost always extremely technical.
You're asking what songs are good for beginners ie you must be a beginner yourself.
Sails of Charon is an amazing song i must say, but Uli Jon Roth writes some pretty technical stuff himself. Nothing a beginnner could hope to tackle. Not the lead stuff anyways.
The most simple neoclassical song that comes to mind would be this;


It's by no means easy but it's far from Malmsteen. More so suited for intermediate players but if you slow down the sections of the song they're quite good exercises. I learnt this song early into my playing and whilst i couldn't do it justice the song is basically one giant exercise and playing it at slower tempo's really helped out my alternate picking in particular. It's also a really ****ing cool song haha.

That's about all i can say though. I don't know too much about Neoclassical. As soon as i hear that word i think of Malmsteen. Him with his tight jeans and chest hair and jewelry..

PS: Pretty sure Uli Jon Roth is an actual pirate. I can't stop watching video's of him now nooo :C
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