Band from hereford seeking a singer, we are aged 15-16. Currently made up of guitar, bass, drums. Mostly play alternative rock, grunge, with a bluesy/funky edge

Influences: (pre-by the way) red hot chili peppers, pearl jam, queens of the stone age, nirvana, the black keys (thickfreakness, rubber factory, magic potion), soundgarden, black sabbath, kyuss, alice in chains, rage against the machine, led zeppelin, guns 'n' roses. Plus others, smaller bands included. <-Influences from the opinion of the guitarist


If interested at all conctact sushibeans2508@gmail.com
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I live in South London, Croydon. I'm 19 (20 in August) and can sing, and if you are into it screamo, I can also provided backing guitar, if needs be. I must admit however that my influences are slightly different and lean more towards a (wierd) mix of Enter Shikari, Coheed & Cambria, Bloodhound Gang, Disco Ensemble and a few shitty pop punk bands. I do enjoy a majority of your listed influences and will be able to travel Hereford.
Peace, Ali.