So I spent the last 7 months or so putting this thing together, and about 6 of those months I didn't know if it was even going to be playable But it's done now and it's an amazing guitar! Narrower string spacing than what I'm used to but I actually prefer it over my other 7's.


HNGD. What's that thing on the back of the headstock?
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Quote by Dr Sixstring
HNGD. What's that thing on the back of the headstock?

It's for the 1st string of the guitar, since it's a 7-string but there are only 6 "regular" tuners.

Oh and HNGD! Hope it serves you well on your ventures. That finish looks gorgeous. I think it could look awesome with a black pearl pickguard too, would give it a some sort of mystic look.
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that thing is sick! hngd
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3 things:

1. HNGD! beautiful choice of woods.
2. I admire your dedication to that hairstyle, it looks like too much work for someone like me
3. holy shit how many keys are on that midi controller? idk if its just the angle but that looks a helluva lot more than 88
Thanks dudes! The extra tuner is a Steinberger Gearless.

@JAHellraiser: Cheers! The hair is actually not a lot of work, as long as the hairdresser did their job The midi keyboard is just 88 keys.