How do you play the intro to Children Of Darkness by Mimi And Richard Farina? It's simple but I still cannot get it to sound like it's supposed to. Seems to start with the open E note then messes around with G and D on the high strings. The bass notes are E and then it goes to D I think. This is how I think it begins:


And I think the chords are:
The original chords as sung by Mimi and Richard Farina on their 1965 album Reflections in a Crystal Wind seem to be D#,G#,C#,A#. So stick your capo on the first fret (a favorite place for me to put mine when I'm singing folk music) and try it like this:

{D}Now is the time for your {G}loving, {D}dear,
And the time for your {C}compa{D}ny
Now when the light of reason fails
And {C}fires burn on the {A}sea
{D}Now in this age of con{G}fusion {D} I
Have need for your {C}compa{D}ny.
Thanks for the response, Fanapathy. I got it down finally. She plays open chords when she can and it is tuned to drop D. Capo first fret like Eric said. I've submitted it and am currently waiting for it to be approved. Of course you could play it with barre chords if you felt so inclined.
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Drop your E a half step down and throw on Capo fret 1 for the rest so it's a drop D# really. Notes are relative to capo. There are 2 guitars sometimes but this will cover it (edit: not realizing this is the same as drop D with a capo is kind of funny)

F |--------------2-----------0h-2----------|-------------|-----2--0----|
C |--------------3-------------------------|--3.-1--0----|-----3--3----|


     ^  ^

I had to try figure this out as I have no clue about acoustic stuff and open chords capos etc so it's a good time to learn
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