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Thanks, I'll sort it out, my dad's really sick so he's gotta retire or something soon.
I reckon the best thing is if we fold, mum, dad and my brother go work for another show pulling guaranteed wages and less physical work and I go and either start performing on someone else' show or go full blast at being a muso, I'm not very concerned about getting a job because I've got a bunch of standing offers for work, the main concern for me is making sure I don't leave my family in a financial hole because I selfishly left home to do what I want, IDK shit'll sort itself out eventually, like I said dad is really sick and he's kidding himself that he can really work hard full-time so whether they jump or I push them, the way things are ATM won't last, it just sucks that they're trying to flog an obviously dead horse while I'm trying to live a ****ing purposeful life.

Woah, I ramble when I'm pissed, I feel heaps better just for putting it into words though.
I'm off to bed now.

EDIT: sorry for ruining your otherwise happy-feel-good thread haha
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If God didn't want people to be gay why did he put a G spot in our asses?
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