Hi I have an ibanez jem jr 555 model. It has the evolution pickups and still sounds and plays great. it comes with a hardshell case, but the lock doesn't work. it is in really great condition. You can have a steve vai guitar without the massive price tag. Comes with all the case candy.

I also have a mark v head. this is the one of the most versatile heads i have ever played. it's in perfect condition. Plays like the first day i got it. I really hate that i have to sell this.

This was my dream rig, but my car just recently broke down and i got laid off. I really wish i had another choice. Hopefully i can regain my gear at another time.

My files are too large, so message me for pix.
i have read your whole its very sad to read but dont worry dude everything will be ok within few days you just take care of your self i will pray for you and sure your dreams will come true

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