Hey guys

I am playing a SheratonII through a Fender HotRodIII. I have a few pedals in the mix as well (Big Muff, Crybaby, Chorus, Delay) and Im getting really fustrated.

I am never seem to get a good tone out of the stuff. Like I play a lot of folk, folk rock, alt. country, 60's stuff (City and Colour, Grey Kingdom, Neil Young, Buffalo Springfield, The Sadies Blue Rodeo, Etc) and im really fustrated. I already feel that my Big Muff is to heavy for the stuff (my mistake, it was the recomendation of everyone and I thought it would work for straight tones, but I guess I just need to use it for solos and stuff) and everything is coming up muddy....


1.) Any tips you guys have that would help me get the tone I am looking for, I am looking into pulling the crybaby out of the chain...)

2.) Anything I can do with the Big Muff to make it a bit, I dont know 'cleaner' less heavy? Or would picking up an overdrive be a better idea?

3.) Could it be the pickups? Would filtertronss or P90s be more what I am looking for?