I recently got myself a MIA Standard Telecaster very much like this one

And I've been thinking about putting a Bigsby trem on it, but I'd like to see more teles with Bigsbys (apart from what google images can offer me).

I'm also wondering about how much one will affect the tone of my tele because people claim that it changes it.
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Y,know there is a curse put on people who put bigsby trems on a tele

tell me more about such curse
the curse is basically a bad luck superstition. Supposedly, Leo Fender borrowed a guitar from Bigsby, himself, and shortly after Leo returned the guitar, Leo releases a similar headstock design. So people claim it's bad juju to put a Bigsby on a Fender.

Yes, it will also change your tone a little. not in a bad way, in my opinion.

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I saw Pantera live once, Dime changed into a body bag right there on stage.

They are basically a vintage surface mounted non-locking Floyd in that you can both raise and lower the pitch of the strings.
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Minus the range of a Floyd, ie, no divebombs

that's okay I only need it to do surf type stuff and make 'shake' sounds with full chords
I'm planning on putting one on my next tele/parts build. It's expose to take a little of the high end away since the string length is longer than normal, maybe that with a heavier gage string will give it a more distinct sound. And they just look plain sexy
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Bigsbys look awful on a tele I think

well to each his own, I used to be of the same camp.