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Interesting. The body looks like your typical sort of japcrap bass, but I don't think a lot of them had a 2x2 finished headstock like that.

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The body kind of reminds me of a Warwick, but I could be dead wrong.
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thank you guys!

Any one has a better idea of what this could be?

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Quote by Alucard817
The body kind of reminds me of a Warwick, but I could be dead wrong.

It's 100% most definitely not a Warwick.

Unfortunately I can't be of any more help then that without more pictures. At least a clear overhead shot and a picture of the headstock would help greatly, but it's hard to tell much from that angle.
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It almost has a Hagstom shaped body and pick guard, but the humbucker seems off. This is mystery I wish someone could answer here...