This is a song I've written just this moment about growing up, though I've tried my best to avoid the usual cliches of this fairly shit subject.

Verse 1
My faith used to excite me
For 24 long days of the year
The 25th was almost too much to handle
Then it's gone, and it was barely even here

The magic was part of me, cos why would it not be?
Crying to feel it again
Nostalgia replaces the feeling of realness
And turns little boys into men.

And now my life's lost sparkle
Lying in bed all day to write what I call poetry
The days of me playing with my imagination
Are well and truly gone
Well and truly gone

Verse 2
There was never any angst about growing up
My head was always in the right place
I wish I had lived more and cared slightly less
But certainly it wasn't a waste

I used to care what people thought
When I was a youngster, Anxiety! Anxiety!
But glancing back over my shoulder
To see that that feeling has only f ucking followed me