Does anyone here have any experience with an SG with a Lyre Vibrato Tailpiece? I am looking at buying either a 61 Reissue SG or the new SG Original (which has the Lyre Vibrato Tailpiece), however, I've heard very mixed reviews on the Lyre. I've heard that sometimes they come out of tune very easily when not even using the vibrato, which sort of turns me off to the new "SG Original" model. If the consensus is that they don't go out of when not using it, how well do they handle actual use? I'm not planning on doing seriously ridiculous whammage with it, but just the occasional "wiggle" here and there. Also one other question... Will its reliability go down if I use lower tunings on it? Tunings like those used by Black Sabbath, Sleep, Electric Wizard, etc. (which usually range from Standard to 2~ whole steps down?)

Thanks in advance!
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The Gibson "Lyre" vibrato is not one of the better tremolo designs, to be sure. Most people seem to end up removing the arm so as not to use the device. Some guitars with the Lyre stay in tune very well (as long as you aren't using the tremolo much), while others tend to go badly out of tune quite often. Alex Lifeson of Rush has one on his white ES-355 and he seems happy with it - he's never replaced it, but he saves his more adventerous solos for his Floyd Rose-equipped Les Paul Access.

As for down-tuning, unless you are tuning down to ridiculous, floppy-string tunings, it should not make a noticeable difference.

You'd really have to play the guitar in question and see how it works out.
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they require a good setup and a really well slotted nut to stay in tune. you also have to be carefull how you rest your hand on the bridge as that can cause tuning issues. frank marino used then for many years and did some fairly crazy whammying with them. not sure how well it would do downtuned though. string tension on the bridge may be an issue.
The lowest I'd ever go is to C Standard, but that would be pretty rare. I was just curious because I've heard people have issues with it while it's not even being used.
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