So I moved to student apartment and need headphone setup for quiet practicing. My budget is 300€ for headphones and amp/modeler. I mostly play hard rock and heavy metal. Also a small foot print would be good thing.

I live in Europe and would prefer to buy online.

So far i have looked different multi effects like line 6 pocket pod and digitech rp series.
check out Thomann

something like a floor POD+ and a diecent set of headphones. and you will be under your 300€ budget
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New headphones, and used Pod XT or X3 or a HD 300/400/500. All better than Floor Pod
If you by any chance have an iOs product, get an Irig! I just bought one and I love it for home practice!

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thanks for replies!

Any specific headphones that are good value in europe? I do not mind if they consume the majority of budget since i can use them for other things too.
with my iRig I love my Skullcandy Hesh.

They are bassy tough. I've heard shure makes great headphones too

-Schecter Tempest Custom
-Ibanez EW20WNE-NT
-Digitech Bad Monkey
-Boss TU-3
-Boss NS-2
-ibanez PM7
I use a vox tone lab and skullcandy/roc nation aviator head phones. Couldn't be happier with the sound.
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Sennheiser also make some excellent low budget headphones that are worth checking out.
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