If you folks have not had a chance to check this thing out you should. It's a game changer.

I have one at my studio and it is sick! Guys will lug their rigs in to record and after we get it all mic'd up and the sound is where they want it then I PROFILE that entire recording chain and the profiling renders an exact clone. After a few profiles are made of the different gain stages that will be used on the record they no longer have to lug their rigs back to the studio for future sessions. Just dial up the profile in the Kemper and hit record!

We guitarists live in amazing times!

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Yeah, I love the Kemper - can't wait for the rack version.

One day we'll all have pocket sized profilers, and if you like a guitarists' tone at a gig you'll politely ask if you can 'borrow it' to use in the studio. Good times are ahead.
Have you hit up The Amp Factory yet for any profiles? Extensive line up of amp profiles that sound amazing.

Rack version will be cool but I have grown so fond of the toaster though. : ))
Pro Mastering Independents Can Afford
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