Hey everyone, I just discovered this tuning last night trying to learn how to play Boyce Avenue's "Broken Angel". I liked it and decided to write the guitar part to a song I have lyrics for in it. I have that song written, but I would like to learn how to play actual chords instead of just the couple riffs I wrote for the song in DADEAe. Anyone know? Or does anyone know other songs in this tuning? Thanks in advance!
I've written a couple of song in open dsus tuning..learning regular open chords can be difficult..dsus tuning IMO works better with riffs and improvised finger positions...keep looking at Boyce ave stuff they do several songs in that tuning and even post their tab here if I'm not mistaken
This tuning is basically a D sus 2 tuning. The openness of the tuning and chords they invoke IS the point of this tuning, not really optimized for straight major and minor chords.

If you want D Major, do 0 0 0 2 0 2 This brings the F# into the D again.

E would be 2 2 2 4 2 4


Maybe a little late here, but I just saw this post this week and happened to be working on a blog post about creating chords in alternate tunings, so I grabbed this Dsus2 tuning as the example. Unfortunately, with tunings like this you usually do have to work out the chords yourself, but when people suggest that and just leave you hanging on how to do it, it's a little frustrating. So I started a blog about how to work out alternate tunings yourself, hopefully it helps some people! Here's a link to the post about creating chords, plus a chart of common Dsus2 chords.


Good luck!
It's always cool trying different tunings. I've been looking at this for a while too!

In terms of learning new ones I have a list that has the standard tunings and also open and dropped styles. With these I've added in songs that can be played in each tuning as well, have a look (it's still a work in progress) here:


That's my site, so if you're having trouble with chords and building them and hence creating a guitar tuning out of them have a look.

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