So, when I was playing in my old band with some friends 3 years ago, our drummer always shouted at us, that we didn't know how to play and other shit.
Now I have made some posts that I'm looking for a band and some people called me, but now because of the past when he shouted at us, I have a fear of auditions, to try out, if I'm good for the band or not...
Help me!!
Remember that was 3 years ago. Have you progressed in your abilities since then? You have to ask yourself if you are where you want to be in your skills.
Yes I have progressed,but the whole audition thing creep's me out, whether they are going to give me songs to learn by ear (which is for me kinda difficult), or what
Well don't forget they might be auditioning others too, and they will also be nervous.
Try to decide with yourself to be on the offensive, do your best, and whatever happens happens. If things turns out well, you're the one they're looking for. The worse that can happen is that you're not the right guy (at the time being, at least), and so what? Now you know where you're at, and probably what you need to work on. Just convince yourself that doing the audition is the best option no matter what the outcome is, and hopefully that'll calm you.
Also remember that the old drummer will not be there and not all the drummers are like the same. In a good band (no matter how bad the guitarists' skills are) nobody shouts at each other. The shouting was not due to your bad skills, it was because the drummer clearly had some problems. You are three years older now and you are also mentally three years older. Shouting because of lack of skill is just stupid and it doesn't solve any problems. You have also been playing for three years more than then. And you do progress a lot in three years. (Three years ago I thought I played some awesome things but really I sounded awful.)
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Just remember that there are no boring scales, just boring players.


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Yes, we figured it out, that the drummer was very stupid and because of him our band disolved
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**** your old drummer. do want you want and be awesome at it.

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go for it man, don't let something in the past keep you from doing something in the future
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, whether they are going to give me songs to learn by ear (which is for me kinda difficult)

So make a point of working on it, so that's no longer something that's difficult for you.

The functional ear trainer, a free download from miles.be. Use it. Take away this excuse to lack confidence in your abilities.
Change your goal. Don't go to make the band. Go only for the experience and to work on getting over the fear. Go there to play not to make the band. Tell them you want to play something to loosen up a bit an play something you know well. Then relax into it and enjoy yourself.
Youre old drummer was a douche... most drummers, or band members for that matter, are not like that.

If they ask you to learn a song in advance...which is something good bands will do.... then learn it by ear, tabs, witchcraft, or whatever...just learn the song and be ready to play it.

Being nervous the first time is very normal... but once you meet the other people and start playing you'll be fine

And...your old drummer was a douche.

A douche

I love saying that word...its one of the better things to enter the vernacular/lexicon in the past 20 years...

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