Once again I find myself unable to write a cheerful song, even though I was in a moderately good mood while writing this one hahaha. I think this is some of my best (Unfinished) work...

I brought that reckless girl home to mama last night
She hasn't spoke to me for days
Disdain’s been coursing through her blood
As she tries to hide those “battle scars”
The red sun rose up through the trees
The sailors and the lovers all pray for the rain
Humans being human with their changing ways
I’ve got wounds too babe cleverly concealed as veins
Buying books just to buy the time to read
But nobodies got any time to spare

Rescued that reckless girl from the rolling of the wheel
The torpid heartache of a slip of the blade
Pointless irreverence in the words I wrote
Cynical denial of what’s truth
At one time no need to worry I
Thought I had it all composed
Disillusioned memoirs when you called my name
Screaming all the words I was afraid to see
Fighting back the tears that should have never be
As she tears at the stitches once again

Watched that reckless girl add a chapter to the tragedy
In the sad comedic story known as life
Paralyzed from all the times she’s crushed this soul
These cries have been carved into these talking walls
The days drag on but the years fly by
Keeping me wondering how to live
Here’s to the rainy days that never clear off

That's all I got so far. Thoughts, opinions, ideas?