Hey Guys!

Well, its embarrassing to ask this, but how do i play along to a song?
I play guitar for 2,5 Years now and still can't play along to one single song.
I know that i'm supossed to get the rythm from the drummer, but i just can't feel it.
When i play along to something i always try to remember when i have to play, because i just don't know how to "hear" the rythm. I hope you understand what i mean (im from germany and my english sucks D; )
Well first, you have to know the song. If you're fishing around trying figure out the chords and stay in perfect time all at once, that won't work out too well for you.

Learn to play the song without playing along with the record. You don't "know the song", unless you can make it sound like the recording without the recording playing.

Then, you should meld to two together. I always continue playing on after the song ends, to verify what I'm playing is what is there.

Pick songs within your ability. Not everybody can play anything, so be realistic and choose songs that you like, as well as songs with simple changes, and blatant guitar rhythms.

Consult the classics. 60's and 70's rock songs are rhythm driven. The "lead riffs" are actually the rhythm guitar parts. So, The Who, "Tommy", is a crash course in almost every aspect of rock, anthem, martial, and ceremonial rhythm tempos and patterns.

The Rolling Stones, "Beggars Banquet" is fun also. "Sympathy for the Devil", is a great song to try maintaining its unique rhythm pattern, while singing along.
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You don't "know the song", unless you can make it sound like the recording without the recording playing.

Then, you should meld to two together. I always continue playing on after the song ends, to verify what I'm playing is what is there.

every time, also great time to improvise, makes you end on a strong note

but i know what you mean, when i was first learning guitar i had this problem too, i could play the song perfectly on my own but try to play it to the song and i lost timing

it could be your timing is not as good as you think it is so when you try to play to a song it begins to become noticeable, playing along to a metronome will really help this, or just stop always playing stoned

its also very likely you just get nervous under the pressure of "performing now" once the song starts, this is what was happening to me, along with the stoned part, way i fixed the problem for me was to just try improvising to the song, doesn't matter what you play (or even if it sounds any good, crank the music to almost drown yourself out if you want) just focus on keeping the rythym of the song, its also a lot of ****in fun

hope this helps you
What kind of music are you trying to play along to?
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Well, how do you practice? How do you learn to play what you are playing?

I would absolutely recommend tabbing software for learning to play in time (there are good free ones), even if you don't learn by tab it will work as a backing track that you can play along to and adjust the speed to what you need (from very slow to gradually faster as you learn).
If you always play along to the (rhythm of the) song you are learning, while learning it - even just using clicks/drums so you can hear yourself best, it should really help

I usually think this issue happens if you don't use metronome or what I mentioned while practicing, if you don't use rhythm while you practice you may start to play out of time and play difficult parts slower than they are or play the easy stuff too fast / at your own tempo

Best of luck
1. Learn a song (as in listen to it until it become tiresome)
2. Learn to play said song
3. Learn rhythm of said song
4. Play said song while listening to it
5. ???
6. Profit!
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Hi, ive had the same issues when i started out myself too.

I actually couldend even tap my foot on a 4/4 pattern while strumming powerchords that bad lol. When i played along with a cd/mp3 following happened:
1. Listening to the song = guitar fading away out of rythm.
2. Listen to guitar = song fading away from my mind like its in another room.

I had this problem with playing along and foot tapping untill i bought myself an metronome and audiointerface (roughly at the same time). With a metronome you get a feel for out of beat notes, like ONE two three ONE two three ect with ONE being the beep.

To my ears it really opened up once i plugged the guitar in a audiointerface, trew in a mp3 i wanted to play along with and put on some headphones. Sure its a little investment but hearing ur guitar + a song trough a computer interface changes ALOT for hearing the two at once. I couldend even hear a bassguitar before i used this approach.

Also another benefit is cutting up parts of a song into "intro" "riff" "bridge" "solo" ect, slow them down and learn them sepperatly.

Hope it helps! Maybe a friend has an audiointerface =)