I would like to use a momentary switch that toggles a flip flop to control a relay instead of a 'normal' toggle switch. I want to use momentary switches because they are lower profile than toggles which sometimes get in the way. This would be for pickup wiring, so low voltage a/c? I did a little searching but I find too much stuff about higher voltage a/c which is way to big and expensive for this. There is probably something wrong with my thinking and I must be missing some key terminology This is the kind of stuff I find:
What I want is touch once, coil split on; touch again, coil switch off. I think that shold be easy enough but I'm not finding it. Can you help?
So you want a momentary contact that does what a toggle does? Why not just get a small toggle? Really any switch should do for anything before the amp, the voltages are extremely tiny.
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It's not a momentary contact if it holds a position.

But, you could use a magnetic switch which would feel like a momentary contact, but operate like a toggle. However, I'm pretty sure those require a power source, which would make the whole thing far more of a pain than it needs to be. I believe the link with the relay board that you posted is the same concept.

But it sounds to me like you just want a toggle button. I'm not sure what's out there that would be suitable for a guitar, but a push/push pot it essential a push/pull pot, except you don't have to pull on it, you push it in and it clicks out on it's own. Definitely something worth considering.

And as far as voltage is concerned, low or high, it doesn't matter. Just use whatever switch will work for your configuration.
+1 to the push/push pot, or just get a separate push button on/off switch.
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Helping you persue this has actually led me to an interesting company called omron, they appear to only make SPST switches, but if you ever have anything that would Need an SPST, they appear to have them in just about any form of actuation you'd ever want.

EDIT: Here is a DPDT pushbutton that looks like it's almost exactly what you're looking for.
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Ah I get it. I was worried because the pickup signal is A/C. The control signal is DC, of course, and the switch side of the relay doesn't care what is going through it, so stop saying A/C!
And, if I have to order parts, why not just buy a latching push button switch? Because I have a little box of momentary switches. And they are cute little guys, so I want to use them for something. Perhaps a guitar isnt the right project ...
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Well personally I'm a big fan of simplicity, and the switches in my above post would be of the simplest ways to do it.
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And you want all this because you need a low profile switch? Why not just use one of those little slider switches that Fender Jaguars have?

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You could use the kind of switch that they use in stomp boxes

Not really practical for fast movement, they take a bit of force to push in too.
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Not really practical for fast movement, they take a bit of force to push in too.

Not really, I have on that pushes like a kill switch but clicks into an on or off position.
If all you really have is a part of a second to switch while in the middle of a solo, you'll need as minimal of resistance as possible. Also those aren't exactly low profile.
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