I think I've settled on LTD. My budget is under $1k. I'm kind of overwhelmed by the choices. I haven't bought or played guitar in over 7 years. Besides body type, are there any huge differences in the different series like EC, M, MH, Phoenix, etc? I was looking at the MH-1000FR.

Are their other brands I should be looking at? I mostly would like to play stuff like Testament, Slayer, King Diamond, etc at home. I have super long fingers.

I've already picked out the amp, Blackstar HT5. Any advice would be great. Thanks!
The MH1000 is a great guitar, adequate for thrash in just about every aspect. Are you sure you want an HT5 for thrash? Usually you want to spend more on an amp than a guitar. The amp is where you get most of your sound. The HT-5 isn't really suited for thrash as much as some other amps that are out there.
No, I'm not 100% on the HT5, what would you recommend? Remember this is mostly for the bedroom and I dislike Line 6 a lot. I could never enjoy the sound.
I would consider looking into some B.C. Riches for thrash as well. The bands you mentioned Testament, Steve Smyth has a Bich model, King Diamond has a warlock, and Slayer, Kerry King has a whole line lol.
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what kinda guitar do you currently have?
I highly recommend a Peavey Vypyr, they're cheap and incredibly versatile. As for guitars, why not just upgrade the electronics in your one? It's cheaper, often better, and is very rewarding.
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Go for a used 6505+ combo. As for the guitar i would not recommend going BC rich, all those artists use really expensive guitars. The only good BC's ive ever tried (and ive tried alot) are the really expensive ones. Jackson makes amazing guitars even the cheap ones, as well as LTD. I would also throw Ibanez into that.

You can get a new MH1000 and a used 6505+ combo for around 1200, and have a pretty sweet setup
@JAHellraiser - I currently don't have any equipment.

@Addonexus408 - I'm weary of the Peavey because it is so narrow in it's strengths. What about a Blackstar/Tiny Terror with an OD pedal in front of it? What is attractive about the Blackstar is it's quality at low volumes. I don't understand it's not for live playing. I've also heard similar things about sub-$2,000 BC Rich's.
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6505 isn't really an old school thrash amp, it's voiced too modern. It'd be fine for modern Testament tho. You'd want something more on the JCM800 side of things (DSL maybe) plus a clean boost for the 80s thrash. Probably some Laneys that would work as well. Or the very cheap to buy Peavey Ultra, Windsor or Butcher.
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Guitar-wise, Gibson V or Explorer. Not only do they sound awesome, they really look the part for the sort of thing you're going to play.

Amp-wise, you cannot go wrong with a 6505+ combo once you've modded it. Poor cleans though.
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are there any huge differences in the different series like EC, M, MH, Phoenix, etc? I was looking at the MH-1000FR.

Yes. The H and the MH are superstrats with Floyd's (a huge difference), the EC is a singlecut, they all have different pickups options, scale lengths etc.
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I wound up buying the Schecter Damien Elite FR and Peavey 15 today from zzounds.com. I think that is a good amount to spend just getting back into everything. I couldn't find a better rated sub $600 guitar than the Damien.
Schecter makes a good guitar, I was going to recommend either the LTD MH for a Schectr Hellraiser but the Damien line is still good. And I have the Peavey 15 Vypyr, for just jamming around at the house it is an immensely fun little amp, just dont go trying to jam with a drummer with it. Should have left you with some money to spare with that setup, save it up for if you ever decide to play live or jam with someone, you can get a better amp.