[Tab request] White Stripes - Union Forever Live (Under Great White Northern Lights)

Good day to all of you,

I really love the live version of this song from the documentary and it's album. And I tried figuring out how the song works, by looking at the tabs from the studio version, but it's quite different, and there's all kinda extra parts in it. Also I think there's some muting going on I think, is that even possible to describe in a tab?

I hope someone with more experience with the guitar, could maybe create a tab for it.

Since this is my first post, just tell me if I forgot to add any information to this. Thanks in advance for your time and effort, in case anybody does this.

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Oh, and I forgot to mention, in case anybody actually has interest in doing this, please make a normal tab. I have no idea how to use or read the other ones.

Thanks again.