cool riff. sounds to me like you're a home recording musician who had an idea for a song, recorded it, and now is wondering what to do. you like it, but wish it was more. well don't worry sport, i'll tell you where to go.

two options. keep it as such and move on (every time you write/record you learn, and it takes a long time until you can create something the majority of people will appreciate. know that you learned something in the creation of this and move on)

2) put a vocal melody in there, and expand your ideas to include a bridge (song changeup), thus making it a full song. or a lead guitar melodic line, but it needs something other than the backing band, and it has to progress to a bridge where shit intensifies. ask yourself: WHERE'S THAT CONFOUNDED BRIDGE. ie. needs a new riff, has to hit double time, needs a new chord progression or whatever, then to go back to the first part again. don't even think there's a chorus in there, just two verses with slight variations.