I have a 2011 Epi LP Custom and want to upgrade the pickups to the highest output, hottest passive models possible (no active EMG's for me). I bought my LP before they started putting BurstBuckerII & III's in and am pretty sure mine are the Alnico Classic HB's...they seem pretty tame compared to what I'm after. My stock pickups just don't have the oomph to cut through effects (I run a Line6 POD XT Live). Forgot to mention, my Epi LP has HB/SC push-pull pots on the PU volumes.

The 2 greatest HB's I ever played through was on a 1988 Paul Reed Smith high end model (flying bird inlays, 10+ top, etc)...and on a BC Rich 1985 fully loaded Mockingbird. I could cut through anything with those bridge HB's...that's what I'm looking to return to.

Any suggestions?

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I've always thought that DiMarzios made solid pups for good money, I've looked at the D-Activators before, Duncans are a pretty popular choice as well. I think it's them that have some models that are meant to sound like actives but are in fact passive.

Personally I like Lace, look into them they might have something you like, they've been geared towards a lot of metal guys lately so they must have some pretty high output models
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I would recommend the marshal MG100

Very versatile and quality sound. It should treat you well
Gibson Dirty Fingers. They came in my Epiphone LP Custom Prophecy and i can personally say.... WOW.

You will not be disappointed

Bare knuckle pickups.
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Go with dimarzio d-activators. They came in my ibanez ict-700 and they were very articulate and clean.
The D-Activators look good but I'm leaning towards a Gibson Dirtyfingers for my bridge PU. For my neck PU, I like to roll the treble all the way off and play an early to mid 70's Robert Fripp slippery solo tone, any recommendations on a high output PU well suited to this?