I need to play thing like that:

|-5-8p-5-trill and depress trem and pull up--|

Simply fast trills (hammer ons and pull offs) with changing pitch (this is cant' get enough solo from scorpions)

So i want to replicate this sound but i have a guitar with a fixed bridge. Is it possible to do it with pre-bends (pre-bend, release bend, bend) or should i do something else? Any ideas?
Ugh, thaks for the answer...

Simply put - I can't utilize any techniques nor effects to get similar effect?
No pre-bends, no pinch harmonics, no pitch shifters, digitech whammy stuff?
Pitch shifters and the digitech whammy really don't actually sound like a whammy bar though. Harmonics, again, will sound nothing like what you're trying to achieve.

If you can prebend up it might sound something like it but I honestly very much doubt you'll be able to prebend and trill and then control the un-bending all at the same time. If you can do it though, more power to you. You won't be able to get the same range of pitches though, unless your fingers are quite exceptional.
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I found a solution for thiis problem few months ago. Of course it is only a replacemant so it is not perfect, but here it is:


Paul Gilbert and 1:40 mark of the clip . Bend the string with RIGHT hand and trill the notes will give you whammy-like effect with no whammy bar.