My barrel jack went to crap on my kramer and without the extra money to replace it i threw in a standard jack, with some modding it works nicely, but with one problem, there is an output hum that goes with everything the humbucker sends out, its unbearable, i dont even want to play that guitar anymore. I have done the exact same thing a time before but with no hum. A noise gate doesnt catch it either. The hum sounds almost like a cable that has been disconnected from the guitar but louder, is the cable being open instead of inside the barrel causing this? Oh and when i touch the cable it gets insanely loud, even before i touch it. Help me fix this please. thanks
If you need pictures just ask.
Sounds like you might have wired the jack wrong, or the jack is shorting out on something.

Also, make sure everything is shielded properly.
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Haha i might have, i will take a look, i slapped it together in 5 minutes so it is a possiblity! Thanks mate!
classic sound of the T/S wired in reverse. the sound you're hearing is the lack of grounding
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