I recently bought an Ibanez RGD321 and althought the stock pickups are fairly deacent, I want to get some nice high output passives in there.

I'm pretty set on getting the X2N (I love Chuck Shuldiners tone) in the Bridge pickup and I was looking for opinions as to what would be a nice neck pickup to get.

Style: I play metal; mainly old school Death metal (think early Death/Obituary/Morbid Angel) I also play Thrash metal and Melodic Death metal. I'm not overly fussed about acheiving awesome cleans. Just want my axe to sound metal as all hell.

Budget: I can't afford Bare Knuckles, but, apart from that...

The other alternative I was looking at were the EMG HA-H4/ HA-H4A combo, but I'm quite keen on the DiMarzio X2N.

SO! let's here your opinions!
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Wish List:
ESP Edwards e-AL-128
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Boss HM-2 Heavy Metal
DiMarzio X2N
Active means more 'gain' but often times more mush. I'm sure you can get where you want to be with a high-output passive
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