Good night UG!

I am a newcomer in the forum. I have been following the page for a while but I just registered now. So, first of all, hello everyone!!

I have a little problem. I have been singing for a couple years, and reached a level of, in my opinion, ****ing awesomeness. I have a wide range and a dynamic voice. However, everytime I try to record myself, my voice sounds weird. Not only that, it sounds plain, forced, like a pop singer of something.

I know it is normal but... Is there a way to prevent this? How can I listen to my real voice (the one that others hear) while singing? Can I project my, lets say, inner voice somehow? Any tip at recording?

Very thankful,
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Sound can reach the inner ear by way of two separate paths, and those paths in turn affect what we perceive. Air-conducted sound is transmitted from the surrounding environment through the external auditory canal, eardrum and middle ear to the cochlea, the fluid-filled spiral in the inner ear. Bone-conducted sound reaches the cochlea directly through the tissues of the head.

When you speak, sound energy spreads in the air around you and reaches your cochlea through your external ear by air conduction. Sound also travels from your vocal cords and other structures directly to the cochlea, but the mechanical properties of your head enhance its deeper, lower-frequency vibrations. The voice you hear when you speak is the combination of sound carried along both paths. When you listen to a recording of yourself speaking, the bone-conducted pathway that you consider part of your “normal” voice is eliminated, and you hear only the air-conducted component in unfamiliar isolation. You can experience the reverse effect by putting in earplugs so you hear only bone-conducted vibrations.

Some people have abnormalities of the inner ear that enhance their sensitivity to this component so much that the sound of their own breathing becomes overwhelming, and they may even hear their eyeballs moving in their sockets.

You can learn to focus on your outer projected voice so that you hear that clearly. You can also try using headphones so that your outer vioce is amplified and so easier to hear. But you can never eliminate the inner voice it is part of you. As far as I am aware there is no way to record the inner voice you hear.

The best way to hear your outer voice on it's own (what everyone else hears) is to record yourself during your practice sessions and listen back to it straight away so that you can adjust mistakes etc. Do this often and you will come to know, understand and be more accepting of your voice.