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I've been playing guitar for years but always had a passion for drums. I can play a few basic and faster beats but tend to lose focus on my kick and high hat action when playing intermediate stuff, so I thought of getting an electric kit to practice in my room and really get more into my drumming. I currently have an accoustic kit but due to my neighbour being a complete asshole I could never practise as much as I want (this ****** literally called the cops on me once for practicing). So I just wanted to know, will I be able to learn and greatly improve my drumming on an electric kit with daily practice? I obviously want to switch over to accoustic at some point but just want an electric to learn to get all the basics down first and then move onto more advanced technical stuff. I'm looking at an entry level kit, probably the cheapest I can find.
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I would buy mesh practice pads for my acoustic kit. You can get cymbal mufflers as well. A good e kit is pretty expensive.
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Have you looked into mesh drumheads or tried stuffing your drums with foam/blankets/pillows?
The problem with really cheap electronic kits is they usually don't have any sort of velocity-sensitivity whatsoever, which is going to make it difficult for you to control your dynamics. You're better off getting one that is slightly higher quality. Try looking for a used one by Yamaha or Roland. You can't really go wrong with either of those 2 brands.

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I have the Yamaha DD-65. The pads are too small, but if you just need to improve your timing and coordination, it could be a good investment. Although you should look for bigger 2nd hand Roland or Yamaha E-kits on Craigslist/E-bay, they're a lot better.

As long as you keep in mind that E-kit =/= acoustic, and play on an acoustic from time to time, you'll be fine. Timing, coordination and an overall feel for drumming can be had by playing on electronic sets.

That being said, there are also some high end E-kits that do a pretty good job of simulating dynamics.