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Also, murder =/= manslaughter for whoever that was using murder.

if you mean me, i used "murder" in reference to lamb of god's most viciously egregious assault against taste and decency.
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a lot of people dont understand this though. just because you are being accused in court doesnt mean you're automatically a "murderer".
Randy didn't intentionally kill the fan, but the fan is still dead as a result of something he did. So, yes, he should be tried for ending someone's life, but it should not be held with the same connotation as murder.

but now im just saying the same things over and over again.
tl;dr: i agree with you, and i need to go to bed.

Ofc I agree, mayslash is a moron for trying to paint this as a murder.

I am kinda sympathetic to this randy guy and he seems genuine, but that shouldn't have any impact on how he is tried imo.
Ok, this has already been overlooked by both of you (iHurricaneGTR and TooktheAtrain), so I'll try again - until you have seen all the evidence, how can you possibly know 'he did something that ended in the death of a fan' (not the exact thing you said, iHurricaneGTR but an accurate paraphrase)?

As far as I'm concerned, all the evidence out there that the public can access suggests that Randy did not do anything that caused the death (or even the injury) to the fan in question.

And yes, mayslash is a moron.
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And thus, history was made when Blake and Wolfy agreed on something for the first time.Shh, don't give them any ideas lel

In all seriousness I hope justice will be brought to all this. If he's guilty, he's guilty. If he's not, he's not

Yeah what's lel mean bro
Quote by TooktheAtrain
but that shouldn't have any impact on how he is tried imo.

Definitely agree. He's done the right thing by facing this.

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Well on the bright side, at least Lamb of God won't be making music anymore.

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Yeah what's lel mean bro
It's like REFL or LMEO.
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i like lamb of go though, wolfy

they're good
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The news on UG's front page seems like a step in the right direction.

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Quote by mayslash
Well, an innocent man who was a fan and just jumped on stage to be with him, and Randy pushes him off stage killing him.

I have no sympathy for murders that didn't need to happen. He gets what he deserves.

Some have friends....

... others have guitars....

Hey, it's uhh... 4:20....

Thought you'd like to know is all.

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mayslash is an idiot. **** that guy.

If the Czech justice system works, Randy will be found not guilty.
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