Hey guys

Ive read through the stickies but could find anything specifically for what i want.

Im Looking To Mod My Ibanez SZ320. There are 2 Volume, 1 Tone and a 3 way switch. It has Duncan designed HB103 and HB101 Pickups (modeled after the Duncan Distortion and 59 model respectfully)

I want to Mod my guitar so that I utilize 2 push/pull Pots (for the volume) and 1 normal tone pot.

Pickup selection on 3 way switch: Bridge - Bridge and Neck (not split which is stock) - Neck

Then obviously push/pull on selected volume splits that humbucker.

How yould i go about doing this? how should i wire the pots and the switch?

Im Thinking of also changing my switch to a larger Les Paul style switch, cause i hate this little 3-way, its hard to get it in the middle without actually feeling the selector (which wastes time and is annoying). How would i wire a les paul type 3 way switch?

If possible (and it will be greatly appreciated) can someone please draw me a schematic. I will provide the basic diagram just to save a little more time for whoever does help me.

Thanks for your help Guys

This is greatly appreciated.

im going to try the mods myself, and if that doesn't work, ill take it to the tech (no need to waste money when i can do it myself, especially since this will cost $80 here in South Africa for labour alone (at admittedly, one of the best techs))
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