It`s dark and cold outside.
So one good thing to do is making music. So I came up with this little tune.
The Winter-Blues against the Winterblues.

This time I did the video recording after the audio recording. So I could get better audio quality.
I enjoy this piece very much. Hope you will also like it.

best wishes,
This is awesome man. I really don't have anything to critique about this...Around the 1:25 mark the break was extremely cool. You're extremely talented, and I feel like I should go practice some more now, haha.

My only suggestions are
[1.] I sort of wish it were longer (not trying to sound like a kiss ***, but I really enjoyed it)

[2.] I'd like to see what you could do with more than 1 track going, if you're getting this level of complexity on one track, you could probably do some super lush sounding stuff on 2 or 3.

Excellent work.

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Thank you man.

(1) Yes, I also would like that it were longer. I`m still working on the middle section. Thank you for your suggestion.

(2) What do you mean with "more than one track going"? Do you mean doing overdubs?

Thank you fdsaevad.

Just thought about expanding the middle section and add a different colour by changing key.