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Hey guys ! Hope you're doing well.
Let me introduce you a little about my band.
We're from Chile, and we're looking forward to get some popularity outside the country, here music sucks and nobody ever buys original music... a lack of culture.

Talking about this project, we're called Redes (It means Nets if you can't get it yet) and we're building a true dream about giving South America the band that they need. Obviously our lyrics are written and sung in spanish, but it doesn't mean that you cannot enjoy it, of course.

I hope you all like our work, we're finishing our first album and then start touring all over South America and maybe we hit the USA next year (I hope)

Well, got nothing more to say, just enjoy our music, I don't know if there's something like this on your radio and if you like it, make it know to other people, we want to create a real connection around the world, and get right on the best stages to deliver our songs.

Cheers !

"Disfruten nuestro arte, desde el fin del mundo para ustedes"
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