Today i played for 1,5 hours without a break learning and old blues song which envolved the basic d chord alot with variations of it, the upper part of my left middle finger was bended almost all the time. It didnt hurt while playing and i had fun but afterwards i could feel it was aching everytime i tried to bend that same part. of my finger

i had a massage and an 1hour break and then played some other songs, playing them i didnt feel no pain but afterwards that same finger was worse, duh, you might say.
Anyway, i wanna be able to play shows later on or practice for good amount of time without having to be worried about my fingers because of shitty technique. I think i might press the strings too hard down in general when i play with enthusiasm. i try to relax them and press down easely enough, but i have trouble playing with enthusiastic with a soft touch. thoughts?

Also i should add around 5 months ago i played alot over 3 days and my left hand(fretting) exhausted, aching and useless for around 3 weeks. after that i slowly returned to playing and i it got better, although my hand has been tired and slower since then.
just keep playing, your fingers are gaining strength and it tires them out. If you keep practicing and don't take big long breaks from playing you should get used to it. You might be right about pressing down on the fretboard too hard, maybe try to practice playing softly, it will help in the long run as you'll be able to play faster/cleaner licks
How long have you been playing?

If you just started more recently your fingers will have to get used to the different shapes and pressures exerted when shaping chords, similar to how you have to build up calluses on your fingertips. A lot of chords use shapes and positioning that the hand is not naturally used to so it can feel awkward. But if it is ever leading to constant pain you may need to re-evaluate what you are doing with your fretting hand.
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ive been playing for 2 years, but pretty intensely. from the beginning on ive just been working "through the pain" so to speak in order for my fingers to become stronger and get familiar to all sorts of chords and stuff. But this is more of wrong technique issue i think. It usually happens after playing mostly blues, because i tend to push down the strings harder then when playing anything else. I often times notice it playing with my electric guitar with 12 gauge strings. Especially after doing bigger bends that go a minor3 or more too.

I read somewhere that your supposed to have a even delicate touch, even when playing blues, like the way you would have your palm on a desk and lightly touch the desk with every single finger, sort of like a Mr. Burns/evil guy/plan making hand gesture.

I cant seem to play like that though if i wanna get aggressive.

Edit: My string gauge is 10 not 12.
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Hey Man this is my story: I was playing Guitar and i still play it about 1 year. I was a left handed player. My Friend usualy told me that i was the worst player ever seeeeen, and that i should stop playing cause i wasn't made for that. But I didn't give up, my fingers hurted me so much in the beginning, i was like an handicap lol when i tried to play the pattern strums with my right hand. But after a lot of work and perseverance and especially learning secretly, i composed my own song and those who said that i hadn't any chance, applauded after hearing me playing and singing.
Thanks for the response man, but it really hasnt got anything to do with that. Its not a calusses or muscle pain, im also quite satsified with my playing and progress.
its just that i cant play like this, I dont know if its a tendon or joint pain but after 15 minutes of playing i get sharp pains in the upper half of my middle finger and i have to stop.
Quote by Johnnahir
(...) I was playing Guitar and i still play it about 1 year. I was a left handed player. My Friend usualy told me that i was the worst player ever seeeeen, and that i should stop playing cause i wasn't made for that.(...)

OK dude this guy is not a good friend. You will be happier if you stop being friends with people who try to bring you down like that. Such BS.