ESP Custom Shop Urban Camo V

Here's my Custom ESP. I didnt order it though, I bought it used. It's actually been for sale on here before if you google it you can find the thread, that thread has testimony from a previous owner about how incredible it plays and sounds. !!

25.5" Scale

Original Floyd Rose Bridge

EMG 81/60 Combo

Alexi Laiho Neck Profile

Mahogony Neck and Body. Ebony Fretboard

2 Volumes, 1 Master Tone

Nuclear Fallout Inlays

Matte Camo Finish

Comes with fitted hardshell case.

D'Addario 10-52 strings, tuned to D Standard. (But I can change that if you like)

The thing plays and sounds amazingly! The mahogony gives it such a rich tone and it has tons of sustain and beautiful harmonics. It's also pretty light! I can send you some clips that were recorded with it if you want to hear. Has been gigged a couple times, couple dings which I've showed in the pictures, still in great condition though! Contact me for any info or questions.

I do indeed have the back tremelo cover by the way. I have it off because I prefer the way it looks. It's in storage and I'll go get it and put it on before shipping!!

Mostly selling to help pay bills but will consider trades. I'm asking $2800 obo.

Here's a link to an album with more pictures.

ESP Custom Album

Tokai Reborn Old LS50 (Les Paul)

Also offering my Tokai, it's an awesome lawsuit les paul hand made by japanese luthiers. The guy I bought it from said it was a 1980 but the serial number seems to indicate it's 1979. (Correct me if I'm wrong).3-peice plain maple cap with a beautiful cherry sunburst finish. It is very solid feeling, stays in tune, and plays very nicely. I believe this is supposed to be a replica of a 58' Gibson Les Paul. The quality is very high (both feel and finish) and is comparable to Gibson if not higher. The pickups are Gotoh PAFs. I think they're unpotted just like original PAFs. They sound really good!

Mostly looking to trade this one , but I'd sell it for the right offer.

Another album with more pictures of the Tokai:

Tokai Album
Just a little bump here. These things need to go . Prices are not firm. make an offer!