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So, I'm a little lost here. Where do I learn all the basics, like tuning, how to hold the guitar and basic tips. I got all the equipment I need. I just don't know where to start and theres a sea of stuff out there. I'll take any tips, wether it's tutorials on the internets or learning books, I just need a good place to start.

(Internet stuff would be preferred though, since it's free)
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The very site you are on has a large collection of lessions and articles. The users here are also very helpful.
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Youtube is an excelent sorce of free lessons

So is this site.
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Quote by reincarnator
The very site you are on has a large collection of lessions and articles. The users here are also very helpful.

UG has been invaluable to my learning, just be careful to read lots of articles because some stuff is subjective and you should make sure to learn different view points about stuff eg: optimum strap length, pick shape/size/grip etc.
Also, read this if you haven't already
UG setup thread
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Something that might help, and is fun way to learn is Rocksmith. It's like guitar hero, but you use a real guitar or bass with it. I just got it to mess around with and it's pretty nifty.
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Yeah this site it great for learining Just dont go in The Pit you will never return.

Dont go in The Pit.


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Quote by desperatechris
Yeah this site it great for learining Just dont go in The Pit you will never return.

Dont go in The Pit.



Pit's like the /b/ of UG
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If you ever want to ask questions about your playing and how to improve, you could check out the Guitar Techniques section of the forums.
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Quote by Robbgnarly
Youtube is an excelent sorce of free lessons

So is this site.

A warning doesn't hurt here. Besides the good stuff there is a whole bunch of crap on youtube. Really beginners probably can't hear what is good and bad yet.

I strongly recomment for beginners. Even for more experienced players there is a whole shit load of nice things that will help you further. If you don't take any lessons, find someone who is playing for a while. He can point out mistakes you make etc. Beginners tend to focus more on playing then practising wheareas they might learn themself a wrong technique. Once you learned it wrong, it is harder to change when you focus more on it at the beginning.

Go for the beginners course at

(and obv this site)
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Check out the stickies under the Guitar Techniques forum here. Lots of good stuff there.
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Marty Schwartz has a very helpful Youtube channel for all levels of guitarists, I'd recommend checking him out.
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This site.

Google (its your friend)

Youtube (Justin Sandercoe, Marty Schwartz, countless others.....)
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Quote by Alucard817
Something that might help, and is fun way to learn is Rocksmith. It's like guitar hero, but you use a real guitar or bass with it. I just got it to mess around with and it's pretty nifty.

Indeed, a newbie friend of mine just started playing using rocksmith, you don't even need to buy the full package with the guitar, just buy the game with the usb adapter. It has varieties of exercises in the form of mini-games. And it teaches theory too, I recommend that.
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That justinguitar site is amazing! Thanks a lot. In just an hour or two I now play better with much less effort, who woulda thought. Will take a look at rocksmith aswell, but apparantly I need some kind of adapter before I can play it so I'll go get one.
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Rocksmith comes with the adapter but it won't teach you how to play. However it is a great complement to lessons or an Internet course and helps keep things interesting
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Pit's like the /b/ of UG

But not anywhere, not even close to as awful as /b/.
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These guys all speak the truth^

I can STRONGLY second both and Rocksmith, though Rocksmith can get pretty expensive after buying the game (with the required adaptor cable of course) and all the DLC you will almost certainly be tempted to buy. But before buying ANYTHING MORE, do Justin's beginner course and see if you actually want to stick with guitar and it's not just a passing interest. Unfortunately I have a lot of friends that were just like that
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Marty Shwartz is amazing for learning songs. For learning scales/soloing techniques, I didn't really like his lessons, though.
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Guitar lessons .com is a good site,Guitarmastersclass is great from what I can tell,you have to pay though.
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I just started taking guitar seriously again so I am pretty new as well. I guess you could say I started taking it REALLY seriously because I bought a Gibson SG Standard . As others have already mentioned here I grabbed Rocksmith for the PC and started watching Justin Sandercoe's videos on youtube.

A few things I have learned so far:

Rocksmith on the PC is a MUCH better deal. I got a physical copy of the game with the cord for $37. I believe it is still around $50 or 60 on the consoles. It is VERY overwhelming at first and honestly will probably frustrate you more than anything if you just try to jump right into it. There is a Duck game in the guitarcade section that will help you with your fret location and there are little tutorials within the game that will help you a LOT before you dive into the songs. You will want to flip the string orientation as well to keep it in line with the way tabs are set up. The USB cable will work on a Mac, PC, PS3, or 360. No drivers required just plug it in and go. If you have a Mac this cable works out great because it works with Garage Band for tutorials or recording. I believe this cable works just fine with stuff like Guitar Rig or other DAWs as well. This makes Rocksmith worth a good bit. It is also pretty fun to boot.

Guitar Pro 6 is nice. I picked it up to help learn tabs and to keep stuff organized and I am liking it. It lets me learn at a slower pace before speeding up to where I need to be.

Youtube... youtube... youtube.... This is one of the most powerful websites in the world quite frankly. You have a lot of useless stuff but you can watch a TON of covers, tutorials, lessons, reviews... anything you can think of is probably on there.

Tortex picks are nice. It is preference but I really like the Tortex picks in .73mm(Jazz and Standard size). They are about $4 a dozen.

The Roland Micro Cube is a really nice little amp. It is small, can be used with batteries, and sounds pretty good overall. I was surprised when I found out it was only a 2W amp. For about $130 it is pretty affordable too. You will need an adapter for the headphone jack but I am sure you probably know that.

I picked up a guitar specific book on music theory as well... probably not a huge thing but it helps some.

I think the most important thing I have learned so far is to start slow to go fast, only push as hard as you have to on the strings, and don't practice much after it becomes uncomfortable.

EDIT: Rocksmith has a decent tuner built into the game and it makes sure you are in tune before you play anything. Garage band has a fairly accurate one as well if you have a Mac and on top of that there are a lot of free apps and programs that can help you tune if you don't have an actual tuner.
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Play lots, learn all your favorite songs, play lots.

Don't get burnt out, though. Lot's of people go apeshit on it for a year or two, and then stop playing for the rest of their lives. This is something that can go with you well into old age, if you let it.

Have fun!
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That is one huge reason I picked it up again. I can spend money on a lot of things and a lot of hobbies but so many of them are only relevant now. When it comes to guitar this is something I can do til the day I die.

My grandpa had an old Gibson (that my uncle sold for an insurance payment heh) from the 50s and he played it from the day he got it well into his 70s or 80s before Alzheimer's took hold.