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I have a set of flat wound strings on their way - nobody locally stocks flats.

I'm likely to pickup a 5 string yamaha bass tomorrow and that would allow me to turn my 4 string ibanez into a piccolo bass.

That leaves the new 4 string set of flat wounds to be put on the yamaha - but I'd need 5 strings. I want to go to a high C rather than the low b.

Technically I suppose any C would work in a pinch, but I'm guessing a flat would be the way to go.
I ordered fender strings and I don't see a flat C bass by them anyway.

So how far off would a regular bass C be?
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0.30-0.35 is the regular gauge for a C string.
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You can try www.juststrings.com

They should have what you're looking for.
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