Hi, I recently received a Squier Standard Stratocaster. At first, the guitar buzzed quite a bit when played, but a set-up fixed that, mostly. When I play the 7th fret on the low E string, it buzzes most of the time! The other frets seem to be okay. It's not a HUGE deal, but since the pickups are single-coils, the buzzing might be audible when played with an amp. Any solutions?

well single coils are noisy anyway, but you could adjust the truss rod and see if that make a difference
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try raising the saddle a little at the bridge.

a tiny allen wrench will lower the two pegs on the front face of that saddle.

if that doesnt help, then you can measure the neck's relief,
how to do that is in the first post of the setup thread.
green link in my sig. (after you measure then post back)

if nothing helps,
it might just be the string if it's old,
that fret is slightly raised.

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