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ITT post the UD entries for your city/town/whatever, should be pretty fun.

Here were some I found for my city, in ascending order of hilarity.

A city in central Ontario populated mainly by white, christian, married, straight, vanilla folk.
Thats boring like Barrie

Barrie is a rural area, about 90 km North of Toronto. There are many bars, homeless people, old people, miners, great views, quiet spots, white people, and semi-attractive girls.

barrie ontario is the dopest city there is filled with og's and gangsta's and nothin but playaz
barries the shit mo fo

a small town about 45 mins north of toronto usually known for barrie *****s and has 3 clubs roxx queens and 55 special girls at the roxx love them some jamaican man dem people in barrie wish they were from toronto and when the girls find you are from t dot they will suck your ****. barrie is a small town full of hicks and *****s barrie slut *****
" yo lets hit up the roxx in barrie naww that club is full of ****** diggers " "yo siah i got a hood wash from this chicken head meghan at the queens im goin back next week to **** her friend ashley" "**** i got herpes from that slut krissy i ****ed in the washroom at the roxx"

Barrie, Ontario is a "city" about 90 km north of Toronto, which, unlike Barrie, you've probably heard of before. And the reason you haven't heard of Barrie is because it's a boring, disgusting hole. They brag because their so-called economy (dealing mostly with selling crack) is booming and their population is exploding. In reality, no one wants to live there, and no one cares. It's ugly, the people are ugly and it's a disgrace to the GTA. Everyone from Barrie talks like a dirty truck driver. The place sickens me. Never go there.
Barrie friend: Hey man, you should come to Barrie this weekend.
Oakville friend: No man, I'm rich. I don't go to Barrie.
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True fact"

True fact.
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But as a bigoted lemming, you have so cry an Alinslyite slur revealing you lack of reason and sense.

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BOB 1. ur 20 and two u like evil things and idk if u worship the devil
1. queens 1008 up, 264 down

the shit

Respectfully disagree.
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ooh look at me i'm ERIKLENSHERR and i work at fancy pants desk jobs and wear ties and ply barely legal girls with weed and booze i'm such a classy motherfucker.
A city in the county of Yorkshire (in the UK) and was for a very long time a very important city (from its humble beginings as a roman fort, to the industrial revoloution)

But during the industrial revoloution, what were previously smaller cities and towns took a bigger role due to the fact there were more mills and factories in places like Bradford and Leeds.

One thing however, that York still holds on to is a major tourism industry. Despite having too many tourists pronouncing Gillygate wrong (it is pronounced Jillygate), it is an awesome city.

That's it.

I'll do Yorkshire instead.
Best county in the UK by far. I aint ever gonna leave. Best accent n'all. Far less annoyin than dodgy southern accent.

A place for those who appreciate countryside and city alike, fresh air, culture, tradition, rain and down to earth, hard working folk. Not to forget an accent which has a soul, not something nicked off the telly.

Yorkshire is great cos you get a decent pint of beer

Damn ****ing right
dirtbag ballet by the bins down the alley
as i walk through the chalet of the shadow of death
everything that you've come to expect


Home to the best hookah bar I've ever been to - 40 Thieves Hookah Lounge. The only legit thing to do in the Springs if your not 21.

Yeah, that's totally not an advertisement or anything.
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we are close TS, heres my area;
Tottenham: A small hick town in Ontario, just south of Alliston
Famous for the only operating steam train in the province and one of the largest Bluegrass Music festivals. There is nothing to do if you are under the age of 78.
Commonly referred to as "dodge". Teenage pregnancy and heavy drug use are the cornerstones of the teenage years.

Alliston: A town in Ontario, Canada, about 30 minutes south-west of Barrie and an hour north of Toronto. Is full of Hondroids and 15 year old middle-class white kids that dress like they're black gangbangers from the ghetto, but would probably piss their pants and cry if a fake-ass white gangbanger from Toronto even looked at them.
It is famous for being the birthplace of Sir Fredrick Banting, the inventor of insulin, who coincidently was also the last person born in Alliston with an IQ over 80.
It is also famous for the Potato-Fest, a yearly festival to celebrate the approaching harvest of local growers marijuana crops. Also featured at the Festival is the consumption of large amounts of alcohol, which may or may not be vodka, which may or may not be made from potatoes. As far as anyone can tell this is what the festival was originally named for So you can make fun of my taste in music
Youtube So you can make fun of my videos
Baltimore is the greatest city on earth. Sure its a little dirty, but thats a city for ya. What's there not to love. Going north on 95 at night there isnt a prettier sight. The neon Nati Boh, Domino sugar, and Philip's signs are great. The inner harbor and power plant live. There has to be something great about the city for row houses to sell for upwards of 300,000. And whats not to love about patterson park. And sure theres crime. But it's concentrated. Its not smart to wander onto north ave or greenmont street at night. All i can say is i love baltimore and anyone who bashes Bmore has probably never been here.


Baltimore Orioles: 2014 AL Eastern Division Champions, 2017: 75-87
Baltimore Ravens: 2012 World Champions, 2017: 9-7
2017 NFL Pick 'Em: 164-91-1
Historians believe that mississauga is a native indian word meaning "city built around a mall". First settled by mayor Hazel in the early 1800s and later by immigrants from around the world (mostly brown ones).

Cultural waste land, considered the armpit of Toronto (brampton being the crotch) Where huge houses and used imported luxury cars define who you are.

Mississauga is also home to spoiled wannabe gangster kids, and young losers in there 20s who still live at home but have enough money to customize shitty honda civics.

Home to iconic landmarks such as square one mall, where you can find the biggest concentration of brown people at the walmart!
I'm so bored! I haven't been this bored since i lived in mississauga!

I find this definition accurate as our mayor is about a million years old.
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we are close TS, heres my area;

WOW you and I are quite close to one another. My hometown is minutes away from both Tottenham AND Alliston!!!
not there ._.

Ibanez ARX 350
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DRIVE Elite straight 412

Capital of Wales, grey scummy city with the hottest gash in the world. i.e. where the girls look the exact mathematical inverse of their surroundings. Not as multicultural as other cities, more of a work hub for valleys people who travel to the capital due to lack of employment in their own towns. Hence Cardiff is generally home to some of the finest welsh poontang on the planet. A notable mention also goes to english students who make up a fair proportion of the city centre's youth population. Cardiff University attracts not necessarily the brightest students, but without a shadow of a doubt the most beautiful girls from all around the United Kingdom. A must see for any male tourist, though certainly not for its architecture. Be wary of going out on a Friday/Saturday night in the city centre; it is much better to just soak up the sights during the day time, when the main shopping street is packed to the brim with exemplary gash.


1. Paris 2242 up, 196 down
A small-dog carrying female who has absolutely no musical talent, yet somehow (through the power of per$ua$ion) works with real musicians and releases songs anyways in pursuit of an imaginary musical career.

A Paris will compensate for her lack of musical ability by releasing sex tapes and going pantie-less when out clubbing. It works. The media loves reporting on sex tapes and the paparazzi loves shooting pantie-free miniskirts when Paris gets out of a car.
Have you heard about Paris' latest recording session? She threw a shitfit when the guitarist told her she is tone deaf! She called him a fag, kicked him in the balls, kicked her dog, slapped her boyfriend, threw furniture out the window, then stormed out of the studio!

That's hot.


An antelope that has been using crystal meth, resulting fur with a patchy, matted appearance. The methelope is typically found in New Mexico and Colorado; however they make frequent voyages to Socorro, NM, where Yeso the dog operates the Central Methelope Meth Lab.
"Honey, look at that animal on the side of the road! It looks sickly! What ever could it be?"
"Dear, that's a methelope. Damn things are running amuck again."

All the other ones were boring people from my college thinking they're cool.
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2. Washington DC
The capitol city of the United States that has surprisingly quickly became a fierce rival to the Barnum and Bailey Circus Group. Washington DC is known particularly for providing quality entertainment to the entire world through its one of its oldest attractions, the "Congress".
Washington DC is home of the three-ring government, and Barnum and Bailey is home of the three-ring circus.
by Mr. Barnum Feb 13, 2005 share this add a video

3. Washington DC
America's largest open air shooting gallery.
There is yet another sniper on the loose in the US city of Washington DC

4. washington dc
Our nation's capitol also ironically the most violent area in the US
"I was on a tour of the white house and saw 15 people get capped."

7. Washington DC
Ranked the 7th worst city in America for 2007 Most Dangerous Crime Top 25 by Morgan Quitno Press. (Used to be the murder capital for many years in the 90's and 2003-04)
Geneva definitions are wrong, no definitions of where I actually used to live. As to Islington,

Bit of North London-very posh bits with sloanes living in huge houses going off in their 4 by 4s to their country houses at the weekend. However a few very poor people wanna be sloanes

Sounds true, but not of my part of it. Though that's pretty much London for you, I guess. The London definitions, incidentally, have it right.

5 types of climate: hot, very hot, damn its freakin' hot, wow look roast human char siew all over the streets!, otherwise.

4 common interest among all typical Singaporeans: Food, glorious food! Shopping, Welcome to the Great Singapore Sale! Toto/4D, come Saturday Sunday.. will I win? (bai liu li bai hui bu hui kai), Education - "Boy AH! u finish tuition homework liao or not! Later got piano lesson! AIYO! Your spelling learn already anot?!"

3 MRT lines: North South line, East West line, North East line

2 hours(approx): is needed to travel from one end to another end of Singapore.

1 common language: Singlish "See liao lah... What you want?" "SCUSE"

fairly accurate except there are 4 mrt lines now and 2 under construction
New Brunswick
A filthy, disgusting, or morally corrupt place.

The "cesspool" of Canada.
New Brunswick is a horrible place to live. The people here are a scab on the backside of Canada.
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City in the north east of england, (this is from someone who is neither a geordie nor a mackem). It is like every city, has its bad areas, as well as very nice areas, a few bad areas DOES NOT make a city a shithole, so up yours muchly sunderland. If you plan to visit Newcastle i recommend you go to Gosforth, Jesmond, Westerhope or Dene, nice areas with friendly, middle class people. I would avoid Benwell, Elswick, Scotswood and Byker, the not so nice areas. There is plenty to do in the city centre and if you know the right places to be, Newcastle is one hell of a city!!!!!!!!!!

Edit: Realised you said location, not where you're from, so for the location.

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God's City, pure and simple
If God were to specify his birth place on his CV, he would say Sheffield

Not bad.
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we are close TS

My nig

There is nothing to do if you are under the age of 78.

I found a couple for ON too:

Most people from other parts of Canada think Ontarians are arrogant wankers that would sell their own mother for a quick buck or a blow job. However, most of these criticisms come from people with small penises and no balls.
Ontario is the most important province in Canada.
I love Ontarians, they support the rest of Canada.
I hate people from Ontario because I'm a right-wing, red-neck freak from Alberta.

It's really a boring place and every city gets abbreviated to -dot, like T-dot for Toronto and H-dot for Hamilton.
There's no poontang like Ontario poontang

Ontario Mom: Bradley, don't forget to wear your sunscreen and your helmet when you are out there. And remember to use hand signals for your turns when you are on your bicycle.

Pasty White Bradley: Yes mommy. I would never disobey the law. God Save the Queen and go Blue Jays even though all of our sports teams suck.
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2.You can't find anyone 15 or younger on aSaturday night
because they are all at Club 108.
4.St. Joes Secondary School is called "St. Hoes"
for its prostitution in the 90's and its high pregnancy rate
7.The first thing you plan on doing once you getout of school is leaving Mississauga
8.No matter where you are in Mississauga, you know how to get to Square One.
9.When out of towners ask what you do inMississauga for fun,you respond by telling them that you go downtown.
17.If there's beef, you will travel 2 miles down
stations, over the bridge, behind the tree with 200 people
following you, just to settle it
24.You've been on a bus for over an hour getting to a place that is 15 minutes away

All of these are true as well.
Where I live now:
Dimboola A great place to live if you want to isolate yourself from civilized society. with a population well under a population above theirs Dimboola accommodates for all of those who frequently come in and out of phych wards. Dimboola is famous for it's train 'play ground' where often 'train' noises are heard from its engine room. Although sometimes those who were making the train noises don't clean up after themselves so a notice was put up asking all of those 'honking' the train horn to clean up after themselves. Dimboola has a pool but no one uses it for swimming since one of it's locals decided urinating in it would be of much more beneficence.
Dimboola: Person one "Someone using the train?" Person two "Yeah, can't you hear them honking?" Person one "Of course, hopefully they don't decide to go to the pool to clean off as I saw some old guy urinating in it earlier today" Person two "Yeah that was me"

Where I was born:
Horsham Horsham unfortunately is a very much unheard of town in australia in western victoria. It contains many diverse people... Most of which can't tell you there original gender. Horsham itself consists of almost 20,000 people and has it's own myspace page claiming horsham is only 99 years of age. People here generally make themselves easy to date and won't stick with a girlfriend/boyfriend for more than a week. It has a few schools of which contain equal masses of bogans. and only 10% of it's population ever completed their final year of school. It's a known fact in horsham that you only have to stand under a street lamp and within 5 minutes you will be asked "How much will it cost?" Also If you can walk through May park at 2am wearing a pink shirt and not be malled to death by Emos you know today will be a good day. Been to horsham lately? Yeah walked through the park at 2am wearing a pink T-shirt Really? Yeah, an emo came over and made out with me,'cept I cut my lip on her percing. That is bad, maybe if you went all the way through high school and didn't constantly change gender this wouldn't have happened Like you can talk, you work under a street lamp. Well it works in a town with a name like horsham. Yeah, fair enough. So how's your girlfriend? Dumped her yesterday, we'd been going out for way to long.. How long? 3 hours.

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Edit: Realised you said location, not where you're from, so for the location.

Not bad.

You're God's City and we're God's back garden. Brilliant.
dirtbag ballet by the bins down the alley
as i walk through the chalet of the shadow of death
everything that you've come to expect

Alcona's a small town just a little north of mine, and the butt end of many a joke.

A small town in Ontario about 20 min to a half hour away from Barrie, If you move to this town you are signing your soul over to the devil. A giant wall should be constructed around the town so all the idiots dont get out and **** everything else up
ohh he went to Alcona, guess we will never see him again, poor guy, i bet those savages ripped him to pieces.
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Silver Springs 16 up, 6 down
A small town in the desert of Nevada, citizens of Silver Springs are often missing teeth, know little of the outside world, and deny the existence of science. However, this may also be blamed by the unhealthy combination of Jack Daniels, Slim Jims and Mormanism, known as the "Nevada Trinity." Every homes abandoned pickup truck must have the tires removed and be contained at least 51% inside the chain link fence. Pitt Bulls are forbidden to be spayed or neutered and may not be chained or kept inside the chain link fence. Silver Springs ranks first in the state of Nevada for Domestic Violence, DUI Arrests and Incest. The average age of conception is 15.58 years or age. The Median income is $10,613.59 (the maximum annual unemployment benefit paid for by the state of Nevada.) The whole place is full of sagebrush, 10 square miles of sagebrush and prostitutes. You can also find mentally (and physically) ******ed tourists (counting as fauna) who've been sent there by mistake and think they're at Disneyland. Silver Springs also ranks
#1 for most hookers.
#1 for most meth usage.
#1 for most Californian escapees in the past 3 decades
#1 for most most STD's per square mile (#2 is New Jersey)
#4 for most freaky-type people( who migrate to Bay to Breakers in California once a year).
#2 for being 38th on SAT scores.
#1 for the quickest time to be wedded (or divorced).
#50 for cost of real estate housing after real estate bubble burst.
#666 (or 13) for being Sodom and Gomorrah.

Ok, heres some from some other local towns/cities...
Carson City 41 up, 38 down
The best ****ing city in all of Nevada, also the Meth capital of the state of Nevada and possibly the U.S.

The Silver State. A desolate wasteland in the middle of the Mojave Desert between California and Utah. It is very sparsely populated and most of its 2.5 million people live either in the Las Vegas or Reno areas and that's it--not a damn soul for about 400 miles. It's probably the only state you will find slot machines in gas stations when you immediatley cross into the state line.

Lets try Reno...

Reno 53 up, 19 down
A city formed by alcoholics in the 1800's who were too lazy to take their wagons over Donner Pass to California. A place to get a marriage/divorce while waiting for your haircut. A mini Las Vegas but with freezing winter temperatures. The casinos are abandoned on weeknights, feel free to get a $30 hotel room for you and your friends, take some shrooms and gamble until dawn no questions asked. They give you free drinks so you gamble more, but just don't be stupid and you can get really drunk for free.

It's Sin City, with a more convenient location for outdoorsmen, nature-lovers, skiers, fishermen...

There are also 2 cops for every civilian, they were too stupid for college so they pick on teenagers and college students who can barely pay their rent to fill their quota.

No-Town 38 up, 23 down
Slang term for Reno, Nevada...aka tha 775. The only place where you can legaly pay for sex at 18, but cant have a drink until you're 21.

(Sex part not true. You have to go about 5 miles out of town for that)
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Only one relevant to the cheltenham in my country and not australia or america:

"An annoyingly posh area of the south west.
Cheltenham Type: Pip pip olde chap. "
Northampton is a large town in the centre of England. It is known as the native home of the "chav", as they crowd the entrance of the infamous and disgusting and grotty shopping centre and they spit at you when you try to enter. Not only do they swarm the town centre, they are popular on the Jeremy Kyle Show, and Big Fat Gypsy Wedding.
The bus station stinks of piss, and the stench knocks you out as you enter it. Not only is the smell of urine prominent, it is almost certain you will contract HIV or AIDS if you touch the handrail of the escalators.
All in all there are about four decent shops in the entire town, and it lacks any form of Starbucks. The council recently invested in a large fountain outside Burger King near the Market Square, but that had to be shut down as someone caught cholera from it or something. That basically sums up Northampton.
Standing on Abington Street in the town centre in a large group or lurking outside Topshop in the shopping centre is often considered a social event and on Saturdays it is not uncommon to witness the streets of the town centre being swarmed with crusty 10 year old prostitute look a likes, and even in the depths of winter all girls seem to feel the need to wear bum-cheek revealing shorts and crop tops and stand shivering in the market square shouting insults to passersby.
Also it is not uncommon for the girls share boys like a shisha.
As you can tell Northampton is often overcome with tourists no matter what time of year.

Pretty much sums it up. It's shite.

groningen is a city in holland, its way up north when you say "holland" or "dutch" people always think amsterdam the best city there is well they are so wrong, it is not groningen is the best city if you aks me way better weed nice cops nice people bars are open until dawn unlike amsterdam bars close there at 2 in the night wich sucks, when in holland visit groningen the best days of your live.

I disagree. It's shite as well until night time, then it's bonkers.

Richmond, VA is roughly synonymous with "hipster" and/or "douche". It is a city filled with people far too eager to accept the first liberal sentiment given them at any particular moment, hiding under the guise of feigned intelligence. If you don't own a track-bike DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT, enter the Richmond city limits. You may be shot....or stabbed with the broken bottle pieces of whatever the moment's popular shitty beer might be. Also, be warned that well-formed and educated opinions are frowned upon. Stick with the mold or suffer the consequences.

Oh my god.

****ing nailed the majority of Richmonders.

How do you say "I'm okay" to an answering machine?

Town I'm living in for school:
1. Storrs 64 up, 17 down
A small town in CT. There is nothing but Cows, countryside and 20K college studets. Home of University of Connecticut, the Northeast's biggest party school. There are only 3 bars, no carwash, no grocery store, but who doesnt have fun partying in corn fields?
Hick town full of College students

My school literally is the town, so:
uconn 523 up, 236 down
a drinking school with a basketball problem

right in the middle of farm country, there's nothing to do, so we play ball and get wasted

Where I live other times:
west hartford 210 up, 159 down
A wealthy town in Connecticut where Jews reside, McMansions sparkle, kids think they have street cred, and the center thrives with ugly rich, melodramatic teenagers wearing eyeliner and polo shirts.

West Hartford 45 up, 117 down
A town in West Hartford, which is a somewhat populated portion of the greater Hartford area. This city-town is known for being one of the nicer towns in this area but could never rival the class and wealth of the southwestern portion of the state. West Hartford is a mix: Jewish, Latino, Caucasian, Black, Asian, etc. The average home is priced between $350,000 and $400,000 according to the 2008 CNN/Money Report, which is above the national average, but below the state average. Overall, not a desirable place to be from unless you surely do not want to be or cannot afford to be part of the greater Boston or New York crowd.

My hometown is not defined, as about 1500 max people live there, many of which are old. It's a tiny town in rural New Hampshire. Pretty, but boring. Very rednecky, with some inbreds thrown in.

Town I was born in, but do not remember living in:
Newton Massachusetts 153 up, 26 down
A city that is a suburb of Boston (not a town, a city because of its form of government.) It does in fact have a large Jewish population and many of the inhabitants are middle or upper middle class. But it is a good city with a great public school system and is the safest city in America. Its schools and city programs have great sports (Newton North High School won an award for its basketball team in the 2005-2006 season.)
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Granbury A place where senior citizens, Baptists, and crystal meth users all come to die. It is a Gilmore Girls meets Twilight Zone episode infused with the stench of Marlboro lights and bling cross jewlery. A historical stroll through the lovely downtown will remind you that racism and bigotry are still strong in America when you see a confederate flag bumper sticker crookedly stuck to the back of a 90's style Ford Mustang (next to a 'I have a terrific kid in GISD' sign that raves of the offspring the world must endure) Granbury places are mostly country side, and a great place to raise a family. Meth lab explosions color the night sky and will make for fond memories for years to come. Places that are Granbury have gated communities that keep wealthy drunk slutty housewives feeling superior. To make the poor feel special, they get gated communities too! It keeps the pitbulls, Mexicans, and poor white trash safe from those from those pesky coloreds. Not only is a Granbury rich with culture, it also has the corner on entertainment! Why, the center of the town boasts not only a WalMart, but a SUPER Walmart! After a night on the town singing off-key karaoke and drinking natty light (on tap!) at the metropolitan bars trying to find a mate with teeth, get your grease on with your local policemen at the Whataburger! Only the lucky get to call Granbury home. I want to move SO badly, this place is Granbury.

Are you from Granbury?
-No! Well, yeah, but I'm not very Granbury, so it's ok.
Why do they call it the Hood?
-It is Granbury.

only one for mine.
edge of rural/civilization, sounds right.

A small yet bustling rural town in which inbreeding is common.
"Check out that guy and his wife, they're clearly from pakenham"
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Well, technically it could be done, but only in the same way that you could change a cat into a hamburger. It's an unpleasant process, and nobody is happy with the result.
A city in south-central Washington State. Riddled with crime and gang violence, the depressed area around and including the city are known for a high unemployment rate and low property values. Yakima has earned the nicknames "Yaki-Vegas", "Yaki-shithole" and "Yaki-crack". The official city slogan is "Yakima, the Palm Springs of Washington," which couldn't be farther from the truth.


A shitty shithole of a shitty shell of a ****ed up town in south central washington. This run down, cracked out, disease infested city is infamous for its high crime rate and S.T.D. ridden population. Many residents are racist rednecks and wabby mexicans. One upside to living in yakima is the high rate of teen pregnancy, which means our chicks are D.T.F.! Another, less appreciated, upside is the dank ass chronic that is easily smuggled in from seattle. This chronic is used to roll what yaki-maniacs call "megablunts" which are blunts containing 8 or more grams of marijuana.
nicknames: "crackima" "yaki-vegas" "yaki-crack" "shit springs of washington" and "northern mexico"
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That shit is so wrong. Baltimore is a dirty butthole.

1. gaithersburg
a suburb of washington, dc. located inbetween rockville, darnestown, olney and germantown, right in the middle of montgomery county, the 3rd most affluent county in the US. voted 17th best place to live in the entire united states by money magazine and cnn online in 2005. notorious for being "ghetto" and de-SPIC-able, it's actually very weathly. the median household income is over $80,000 (more than twice the national average and more than both germantown and olney). less urban than rockville, older than germantown and less rich than bethesda, it's not that bad if you don't live in/near montgomery village or directly off of 355

...modes and scales are still useless.

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A medium-sized city 45 mins from jacksonville and an hour away from savannah. the only good thing about brunswick is the downtown area, it offers great shopping, and is the only place in brunswick that doesnt look like shit. the only people in brunswick that are civilized and mature are the people who live past the sydney lanier bridge or by I-95. the whole reason the area isnt looked down upon is because the beautiful islands of St. Simons and Jekyll border it; where the enviroments are kept non-littered, respected, and mostly crime-free. the people here are also alot nicer, because they are raised in a better place and by parents who didn't get knocked up in their teens whom are very intellegent. where as the people in brunswick are increadibly disrespectful and think they can do whatever they want, also, because of this, 95% of them will be unemployed or working at popeyes. the better school is glynn academy, where the campus is alot better, offers better education, and the students are alot more mature. Overall glynn county would be way better without brunswick or its people.

A beautiful town where obnoxious people from St. Simons island think they are above all who aren't from St. Simons. Us normal people from the continental part of Brunswick are annoyed with those pricks. But other than that the town is a great place and you should definitely move here. We have have great festivals, great food, and friendly people. (Excluding the people from St. Simons)

Some little hick town in the middle of bum-**** Egypt that you normally can't find on a map.
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Home to iconic landmarks such as square one mall, where you can find the biggest concentration of brown people at the walmart!

lol lol lol
Square one isn't iconic. It's just the only thing that's slightly interesting in Mississauga. Other than that, it's just wilderness.

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The largest city in Canada. It's known for it's combination of great neighbourhood vibe, cosmopolitan flare, and horribly atrocious downtown architecture. (Unlike most major cities, it experienced it's big economic boom in the sixties, go figure.) Otherwise a peach of a town, with great nightlife (and with boozecans up the wazoo, for you after hours folks), and wickedly georgeous people. So **** off.
The best city in the United States of America. Home to the select few people who make this country not collapse such as the several people who found a real leprechaun and Antoine Dodson who is currently protecting the whole town from a rapist.

A port city in Southern Alabama nicknamed "Pseudo Orleans" for mimicking New Orleans and their festivals. This city has a jungle Eastern of the downtown area known as "University of South Alabama", which is home to superhuman jaguars that to became doctors and helped many people. For some reason, the adore America so much that they used "USA" and their colors. They even took over the Ladd-Peebles stadium!!

Mobile is such a lively place.
A shitty, dreary, redneck town in Southern Oregon, where evreyones parents are meth addicts.

Seeing as almost everyone here uses meth, it has been christened by the locals "Methford." It's so bad that they had to make the "Southern Oregon Meth Project" to get everyone off drugs. Seriously.

Hell yeah
the place were a nigga cant go nowhere without da copz all up on they asses. if uz a white boy/girl and u walkin around in brentwood with out a bodyguard u probably get mugged nd raped. everyone livin up in b-wood is an ex-convict and will shoot a whiteboy on site. tons of gangs reside in the heart of brentwood lyk: crips, bloodz, ms-13, nd street gangs

^This is totally not what Brentwood is like.
a Town where the cops WILL PULL YOU OVER FOR EVERYTHING!!! The town is run by a bunch of mormons which means they LOCK everything down the way they want it. I live out near disco and I always try to avoid the B town at ALL costs!

This is also not what Brentwood is like. Cops only pull you over if you drive like a dumbass. People from Discovery Bay(disco) are all punk-ass fools.
EVERYONE THERE IS RICH! everyone lives in huge houses and drives expensive cars. everyone knows everyone. designer fashion is a must. no one feels like they have to show off their money to anyone because they know everyone else has it too. the wives don't work. all the income comes from the husbands. mostly referred to as the "brentwood bubble" because kids raised there are not used to the outside world.

^That's a little more like it, but still not true. Only half of Brentwood is rich and living in big houses. The old side of Brentwood has smaller houses and such. Designer fashion is not a must. Until a new shopping center opened a few years ago, there wasn't even anywhere that you could get designer clothes. Def true that the wives don't work.

Brentwood is basically a boring-ass city with preppy high-school kids and a bunch of little kids. Not much interesting going on.
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