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Prince George

the STD of Canada. located in British Columbia, it is common to refer to Prince George as the asshole of the province. pretty much just a giant ghetto.

If you want to go nowhere in life, just live in Prince George!

I would have agreed 5-8 years ago, as the economy was in the shitter up here, but since then, the west side of town has developed beyond a sprawling ghetto.
If lands end is the left buttock, and margate is the right buttock, that would make Croydon the arsehole of Britain

Croydon, only visit it if you have to.

if there was a new Ring of Hell, it would be Croydon. And I'm not making this up - I live in the ****ing place...

i live between 2 towns and the one i go to school in doesn't have a fun definition but the other one does. my sis told me about it a couple of years ago, it's pretty cool.

A small town east of Nashville in Tennessee. Occasionally mistaken for the country of Lebanon, but not as often as one would think. Years ago, rednecks began to pronounce it "leb-nun" and at this point, even the implants from the north pronounce it in that dumbass way. Idiots like to call it "L-Town" to make it sound cooler.

Lebanon has a movie theater that was cool until Mt. Juliet got a way better one. There are lots of shitty strip malls. There is a shitty outlet mall.

There is a fairly large population of rich, old Republicans, who are the ones running the government. They like to feel as if they live in a cute town with little shops and antique stores and Victorian mansions. They like to promote "Historic Downtown Lebanon." But unfortunately, there are not enough cobblestones to make Lebanon this picturesque. Also there is not a Starbucks. They should just move to Franklin.

The only people who hang around "downtown" are poor ****ers from god-awful Watertown (which is miraculously smaller than Lebanon) and old people who like to whittle pieces of wood.

Every year, Lebanon is home to the Wilson County Fair, which is the largest county fair in Tennessee. It's probably good if you like fairs, but you must remember that it contains a high concentration of Lebanon's residents. NYLON Magazine wrote an article about it in 2009, which made the minuscule high school hipster population piss themselves.
Person 1: Where are you from?
Person 2: Lebanon.
Person 1: Woah, you're Lebanese?
Person 2: No, Lebanon, Tennessee.
Person 1: Oh! That place has an Outlet Mall, right? I went there once. There's a Pac Sun there, isn't there?
Person 2: Yeah, and a Bath and Body Works Outlet. What the **** is that? Even a mildly good store is turned to a shit "outlet" store in Lebanon.

the best thing is the part abt old ppl whittling, cuz my gramps does that. he just scrapes a ****ing stick with a knife until it's gone. it's the most insane thing in the world. also he promotes 'historic downtown' etc. so yeah it's dead on.
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ashEVILleA deeply strange but fun city in Western North Carolina. ashEVILle is home to roaming street musicians, pagan cults, vicious evangelists, a guy with a cross on wheels, Bele Chere & street kids with a ridiculous sense of entitlement. You can find local beer, Thai food, chain store crap & really unique crafts within a 3 block radius of each other. Beware the "Asheville Dirty Hippies"; typically identified by dogs & scruffy 20-somethings traveling under a cloud of patchouli and marijuana.

Unfortunately, this is where I'm moving to in a couple weeks...
Contrary to popular belief, the area known as Macomb is actually Macomb TOWNSHIP. It's not a city, a town, or a village, it's just a sqaure piece of land that's quickly being converted from farmland to urban sprawl as people try to get as far away from Detroit as possible. Although it has a population of over 70,000, Macomb Township is really nothing more than a patchwork of subdivisions and stripmalls (usually containing at least one dollar store*and a subway). The unofficial *downtown* is Hall Road between Partridge Creek and Lakeside malls. There is never ANYTHING to do. In summary, Macomb Township is a homogenous little piece of suburbia where 16 year old girls drive Hummers and oversized SUVs, and McMansions stretch as far as the eye can see. Gotta love the American dream.
Some bunk-ass worthlessness plopped to the south of that other worthless state.

The creatures that populate these redneck-ravaged badlands spend most of their time performing activities such as: Violation of animal rights (beastiality); Re-enacting the Johnny Appleseed legend using Milwaukee's Best, children, and guns; Playing Jeff Foxworthy records at the same time as Dierks Bentley, on loop; DVR'ing every NASCAR race to be watched while not beating on another family member or skinning a helpless animal; Cow-tipping in the often ill-maligned weather; Football.

The government is planning to give America a large fiscal break by destroying this part of the country and leaving its denizens for dead.

Motumbo: "Wow, being persecuted in Central Africa while watching my friends die on a daily basis is sure better than living in South Dakota."

or to put it simply:

a fucking shithole

my anal passage hurts after dropping a massive south dakota.
Oklahoma City is the tightest city in this part of the country, and Dallas. OKC got some of the crazies headbusten mu****ez you can find. If you say there aint no hood in Oklahoma City, take yalls asses down to the south side by SW 23. or the east side, NE 1st - 40th that area. The NW side got its hoods to. Lots of bloods, crips, and Tulsa Avenue Killaz (TAK).

“Just to sum up: I would do various things very quickly.” - Donald Trump
1. youngstown ohio

by far the most depressing and hopeless place in america. what once was a bubbling steel/italian/german community has become the growing sesspool of uneducated (and proud to be so) low income, im gonna gets mines, blacks. high crime rate, poverty and young blacks have truely ruined any amount of pride this city once had. because the city lacks any sort of identity its inhabitants have found it fulfilling to try to become the nations most notorious ghetto. congratulations on building such a promising future for your selves. much to be proud of. keep telling yourselves the white man is holding you down... but who is to blame when the white man is gone?

can't think of anything worse than youngstown ohio

yompton disgrace ghetto youngstown ohios worst
by born and raised and outa there

2. youngstown ohio

the ohio city that is by far the most dead and the most uneducated. if you leave there (or in a surounding suburb) you are most likely in a gang, a rascist piece of shit, or someone stuck here trying to get by. the only thing keeping this place even relatively worth living is the music scene that most people are completely unaware of. Youngstown is full of rascist old people who would just love to pinpoint the entire fall of this dead city on the blacks and other minorities.

youngstown Ohio: a good place to sit on your ass and complain

youngstown ohio ghetto rascist assholes
Glad I moved to Columbus.
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And cup his balls.

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If there's anything to take away from this thread, anything at all, it's to always cup the balls.

The Texas city with a little bit of everything, but not much of anything.

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Only in a vodka ad could Mexico win a war.
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Apparently we invented the word, "crunk."

Doesn't surprise me.


2. M.E.M.P.H.I.S. - "Making easy money pimping hoes in style". Comes from a popular tradition among the urban youth of Memphis to make acronyms of exsisting words (like Budweiser means "Bitch, you do what ever I say, even run. This saying was NOT envented by rapper Memphis Bleek. He changed his name to Memphis Bleek after spending time in Memphis.

wtf is this?
2013 #5 Uger
2012 #7 Uger

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don't worry guys his girlfriend is black, she said it was okay for him to say that.

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Also known as C-Town by natives, Cleveland is a famous city in the northern area of Ohio that may be even more popular then the capital of Ohio, Columbus. It borders Lake Erie and is known for extreme, ever-changing weather. It is also known for being the poorest city in the United States, very culturally diverse, and the origin of many rap/hip hop artists. There is a lot of cultural pride here, occasionally racism (Mostly the ever-ignorant Black vs. White. Both sides are guilty - Police specificly target blacks, and then there is a day called May Day where white people cannot attend school unless they want their ass kicked.) There are many gangs in Cleveland that mostly deal drugs and fight other gangs. Drugs and illegal substances are quite common here. The sports teams of Cleveland are the Indians (Baseball, was good in the 90s, offends Native Americans everywhere and has a big fluffy purple mascot named Slider,) Cavaliers (Basketball, now made famous by LeBron James and Usher,) Browns (Football, now returned and worse than ever,) Barons(Hockey, replaced the Lumber Jacks,) and Force (Soccer.) If you go to Cleveland, you have to go to the Jake (Jacob's Field), the Q (used to be Gund Arena,) Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and the Hard Rock at least once. There's also something called the Warehouse District, West Side Market, Tower City, and other stuff if you're feeling adventurous. Sorry if this sucked, I just thought Cleveland ne...

Perfect mix of fact and bullshit.

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I searched for this country and it makes it sound pretty cool. It was pretty cool in like, 2008.

Someone post mine since I can't.
Pasadena, Texas? I think the term Stinkadena sums it up pretty well.
For how can I give the King his place of worth above all else
when I spend my time striving to place the crown upon myself?

A borough of London, south of the river.

It is known for it's chavs, and Ikea store. It's home to Nestle and Allders.

The town is also where all of the immigrants come in, as it has the Home Office.

The town's shite, full of drunken's and teeny-bopper wanna be chavs. Very well interbred, and split between the races; ie West Croydon = Asians and Blacks, New Addington = White Estate Chavs, Shirley and Sanderstead = posh white middle class people - as far away from public transport as possible... And Addiscombe, South Norwood, Purley etc = mixed racial areas.

If you want to see chavs - go to Tollgate Estate in Addiscombe/Elmers End. Or, otherwise, visit any MacDonalds in Central Croydon.

The town's known for the rebellious Kate Moss and Naomi Cambell. You'll often see wanna be A-list Vanessa off of Big Brother.

The town has a very high rate of vandalism, GBH and sexual assults. Recent news coverage about the murder of Sally-Anne Bowman. East Croydon Station is also the most dangerous station in London.

The accent is bad. Very bad. Although Croydon has some good schools, eg Whitgift, John Fisher, Coloma, Royal Russel... These are a minority. Often you'll be physically abused by school kids from schools such as Haling Manor, Shirley High, Ashburton, Thomas Moore etc etc.

Basically, don't move here. Don't visit Croydon. It's a shit hole... =)

(I know, I live here... but I am not a Chav.)
What a Croydoner might say: "Nah man I ain't payin no shit for bus. Bus is free innit. Shut up man. I ain't list'nin to none of your shit. Shut up. Shut up. **** off man. Lemme on da bus, bitch. Aight, I'ma get ma bredrins on yous lot man. Lemme get ma gun from ma yard, man. Gonna merk you up, bitch."
A self abortion (S.A.)

Specifically, a self abortion administered via canned air and a plastic coat hanger. The canned air is extended into the uterus and expelled, freezing the embryo. Then the plastic coat hanger is use to scrape the frost and ice out.
Valerie got knocked up and didn't think her boyfriend was ready for that commitment, so she gave herself a San Antonio.

This was the only funny one I could find.
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If KFC is finger-licking good, then people would probably suck dicks for Popeyes. That's how good it is.

There's nothing left here to be saved
Just barreling dogs and barking trains
Another year lost to the blue line
Capital of mid-wales and best town in region, far better than newtown. once possessing the largest sheep market in europe.
lets go to welshpool for the day!!!

Calvert County, MD means different things to different people. Bordered by the Chesapeake Bay and the Pataxuent River, Calvert County is attracting wealthy, Volvo-driving liberals who like to sail on the Chesapeake Bay and send there kids to prep schools like Key School and Calverton School. They work in Washington or Annapolis and play/sleep in Calvert County on the weekends. For the locals, Calvert County is made up of bitter farmers who don't like them city folk stealin' theirland.

Sums it up about right

Abbreviation for Prince Georges County, Maryland which is the richest black county in the country. The population is mainly black, but there are "white communities" like Bowie, the largest city in the county. It has bad crime in certain areas bordering Southeast DC, but, contrary to popular belief, it is not entirley a slum. Bowie, the largest city, doesnt even have a police force. Bad public schools are a trademark.

^ This is where I currently live when in Uni
glasgow boys say this instead of blade (knife) big ass butcher knife preferably so a sheffield is a knife
wheres the sheffield plug this fanny, take his eye out

Not sure if this is true but nice anyway.
This is the only one:
Quote by Burlington Ontario
A growing city located between Hamilton and Toronto. Only Burlingtonians know that there is a difference between kids from millcroft, southburlington and lakeshore. Millcrofters along with orchard kids are assholes shat out by rich people and are extremely sheltered for most of their lives. Although willing to take on any pussy from Oakville Burlingtonians will forever be weary of those from Hamilton.
Burlington Kid: **** you oakville fight me!
Oakville kid: I would but i can't... because i dont want to hurt you thats it...ya!
Burlington Kid: Okay bud Okay bud

Whoever wrote it is a dumbass.
Most of them were for the wrong Chelmsford (the one in Massachusetts ) but I found this gem:

Silly place in essex where evryone finks there solid n dapper. U got some crews like melbourne and moulsham who r total wankers.

In chelmsford uve got a cinema one end and about a 25 min walk away theres an ice rink. Loadsa clubs full of chavs. Theres a mcdonalds n dats where da melbourne crew chillax. Chavs.

All in all its a shitty town wiv **** all to do except get chased or go to a club.

Btw the leader of da melbourne crew is 15/16 and called "turtle" lol wat a prick.
"Music snobbery is the worst kind of snobbery. 'Oh, you like those noises? Those sounds in your ear? Do you like them? They're the wrong sounds. You should like these sounds in your ear.'"
- Dara O'Briain

Is a large town past Livermore down in the valley over the Altamount. People who live there say they're from the Bay Area when realistically they're part of the Central Valley along with Stockton, Modesto and Manteca. You will know when you have entered Tracy because of the smell of cow manuer in the air coming through the vents of your car. People who don't live in Tracy mainly go there for the outlet or Sonic's because theres no Sonic's anywhere in the Bay.

The teens and some 20somethings act "gangster" and believe they were from Oakland when they were born there in Cow Town. The people here are diverse but not as diverse as the Bay Area. The majority nationality is Mexican, then White, the Asian, then Black and the rest.

There isn't anything to do in Tracy but go out to eat, shop and hang around. Its common in Tracy to see kids waving signs, thats because they are pointing to the houses/model homes for sale.

So stop by Tracy off of the freeway from Livermore and get some Sonics.
Lets go to Tracy california to buy Sonics and park on lawns.

this is depressing

Essen is the Hottest German City
will be cultural capital of Europe in - 2010
is rising and is an Urban Jungle

whatch this space............
"yo im thinking of goin Essen"
"yeah that place is hot,"

And, to add another fact: Dave Mustaines Mother was born in Essen... I am not sure if this is a good thing or not....
scarborough ontario

Scarborough is suposed to be a "suburb" of Toronto, when in fact it really isnt. There are a few areas that consist of very nice housing JUST like every other city, and also has its horrible looking areas JUST like every other city. Scarborough is a very multicultural area that consists of mainly these cultures in order of population; Asian, Tamils/Brown men, Black, White. Scarborough is known for its high-crime rate and drug related activity. Unlike other troubled areas that have groups of individuals that dvide themselves by race, Scarborough is known for its multi-cultural gangs and crime groups. There are many who claim that Scarborough is a very nice "suburb" to live in and that there really isnt any crime that goes on. What you need to know about those people is that they are completly oblivious to the crime that goes on because they are not there to witness it. The Scarbrough drugs of choice are of the following in order by popularity; Weed, Extacy, Mushrooms, Cocaine. Scarbz is an E-Tard area.

DO NOT get caught walking on these streets at night; down Mccowen anywhere between Sheppard and Mcnicoll, anywhere down Birchmount, Eglinton and Warden, Sandhurst circle, the Grove aka 25 Thunder Grove, Anson Taylor school, Percy Williams school, Albert Campbell school, Timmothy Eaton school, Don Mills strip.
Scarrr town
'the' Borough

tbh i was expecting better. anyone care to entertain me and rip my city a new asshole?

and i've been to a couple of those places at late hours.. i'm a pussy too so there you go

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A resident of Manchester is known as a "Mancunian". They are typified by their strange loyalty to Manchester. Often waylaying people from other cities to tell them all about Manchester. See Terry Christian.

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btw im in hs and im almost 18 so if u do think she was flirting with me dont say that its wrong im almost a grown man.

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^ Fuckin' Manc ninja'd!

A cool cosmopolitan city in the north west england, which is home to many rich celebrities, football teams, Harvey NIchols, 2 selfridges, the Trafford Centre and so much more.
Its just a shame the narrow minded Scousers cant see past their flea ridden, chav invaded so called city.
A small sketch showing the difference in class between a young man from manchester, and his Scouse equivelent

Mancunnian: "Excuse me kind Sir, do you have a light for my cigerette?
Scouser: "is you calling me mam? Cos if you are, I is gonna deck ya in ya wanker"


Seems legit.
A peaceful town in the UK, despite having an alcohol problem, and lots of places which under 18's can get served.

Guy 1: Ah mate I wanna get pissed this weekend.
Guy 2: Yeah but we are only 16!
Guy 3: Lets go to Hertford. We can get stuff there!
I'm okay with this
There are many who claim that Scarborough is a very nice "suburb" to live in

There are many people who claim that Scarborough is a very nice "suburb" to live in. These people have ingested these drugs in the following order before claiming that: Weed, Extacy, Mushrooms, Cocaine.

I've only been to Scarborough once. I was born in Oakville, like I'm going to go to Scarborough. I won't go lower than Hamilton on the shit scale.
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^ Fuckin' Manc ninja'd!

Mancunnian: "Excuse me kind Sir, do you have a light for my cigerette?

Seems legit.

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btw im in hs and im almost 18 so if u do think she was flirting with me dont say that its wrong im almost a grown man.

༼ ▀̿Ĺ̯▀̿ ̿ ༽ WE ARE ROB ༼ ▀̿Ĺ̯▀̿ ̿ ༽
I searched Israel and there was nothing racist or funny

This thread is great though
I Have An Avant Garde Fetish....
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Don't worry, rape will always find a back way in

Newport 75 up, 46 down
Newport is a city in south wales. It's highlights include Pill, Murder Central, Duffryn, Drug Land, Ringland, Home to teenage pregnancy, Mauland, Home to the care-home children,the shittycentre and many more. Newport has a selection of drug addicts, pregnant teenagers, benefit cheats, council estates and chavs. It is not uncommon to be approached outside newport train station by nasty infected hookers or chavs asking for cigarettes from the Pupil referral unit around the corner, full of Newport's wildest teenagers, incidentally right next to a primary school of small children. The centre hosts a fantastic greggs pasty shop and Everything-For-A-Pound Shop. Newport does not have a Poundland. If you happen to stop in newport, be sure to thoroughly cleanse yourself afterwards as there is a high risk of contracting bird flu due to the pidgins that just wont, or maybe cant, fly away from the foyer on Newports bank (Robbed 305 times since 2003) You will also find that Newport offers a complimentary mugging service to all visitors provided by the youth there. And sometimes the mothers of the youths. Because the mothers are still youths. Newport citizens enjoy weed. Most "females" in newport have no idea what their natural skin colour is due to the copious amounts of shit, or foundation smeared across their skin. Normal, good, newport citizens are rare, but can be found hiding under rocks.
Man Exiting Train Station. Something that resembles a woman approaches.

Woman-Thing: I'll **** yer' for a pasty

Man moves on past the shop

Chav who has escaped the referral unit: OHHHHHHHH MATE. Go in't shop for us?

Newport Child: Mum pass me the spliff?
Newport Mum: **** off Shakira! Go mug a bitch.

newport 59 up, 95 down
Newport, South Wales, another chav hot-spot badly in need of a WMD. Sandwich filling between Bristol and Cardiff like a bug between a road and a shoe. The Romans abondoned the area around 410ad and the British Labour Party eventually took over, hence it remains a ruin. The river Usk flows through it and the M4 goes past it. Never stop or you'll lose your hubcaps. Scene of Chaterist Rebellion and the founding of the Trade Union Movement, so not all bad news. Nice on the outskirts.
Newport Highlights;
Ringland, Alway, Somerton & Duffryn council estates designed by 1960's graduate town planners on speed, now scenic backdrops to Mordor; Pil for the final volcano scene.
Everything-for-a-Pound Shops.
Splendind Transporter Bridge (now that is a work of engineering art)
The Steel Works (now abandoned too)

centerpoint, alabama
city right off of Birmingham, Alabama.

its a ghetto place, and you can frequently hear police chases and drug busts on the Parkway.

dont walk the streets at night, and watch out for the homeless drunks and druggies that inhabit the interstate exits. they will walk right up to your vehicle so make sure not to make eye contact and always leave your windows up.

there are so many churches almost always under baptist or methodist names through this area, but be wary. the preachers and pastors are probably gang members.

Brodregus: i didnt know that place was so ghetto! it was almost like walking through Centerpoint.

Quindacea: mmmhmm, i aint never seen so many hobos under the bridge as i seen in centerpoint, alabama

Nicholas: do you ACTUALLY live in centerpoint?
Peter: no way! i could never live in such a slum!!

the only entry
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Void is a wanker that's why

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MANILA: The most dirtiest and polluted city and capital known to man. Gas{car exhaust} is everywhere, abandoned children with dirty faces somewhat "attack" your car while riding around. Pickpockets and 1 peso *****s are common. Muslim extremists are also everywhere ready to kidnap you at any given moment. Also, "Manila" is a place somewhere in the world where the political bigshots are. Thats the REAL definition of "Manila".

I kinda lol'ed at that


A town full of inbreds, each of them having 6 fingers of at least one of their hands. Their football team is renowned for being able to play better in the snow and icy conditions than other teams, due to the fact that their four legs do not slip as much.
Guy 1: "Damn, we lost to Norwich. No-one ever loses to Norwich."

Guy 2: "Was it snowing?"

Guy 1: "Yes?"

Guy 2: "There's your problem. Bunch of inbreds"

Not very nice, but I thought that was quite funny.

EDIT: Saw it was written by someone called Tractaboooyy so probably from Norwich himself.
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Liverpool is the best city in the world. Liverpool is culturally diverse and the people are a joy to be around. Liverpool is also a fantastic night out mainly due to the fact that Scousers love a good laugh and know how to have a good time. Unfortunatly Liverpool constantly battles with sterotyping usually believed by narrow minded idiots who have never actually visited the European Capital of Culture. Don't get me wrong Liverpool has its problems, but no more than any other big city.

A city with a great nightlife, helped greatly by the fact that the (usually aesthetically pleasing) women enjoying which tend to demonstrate a relatively high level of assertiveness, when it comes to initiating kisses and flirtatious actions. Definitely one of the easiest places in which to pull. Just a shame about the aggressive, mentally-deficient Scallies who inhabit the place.

place full of the nicest people you'l meet in a city all you steriotypical gimps should actually visit this city before you diss it, but you probably havent even been cos your too lower class

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Omae wa mou

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Jyvaskyla 11 up, 3 down
The city in Finland and you can feel -30 degrees sometimes in January or February. It has nice "nature" as Finnish people say but during the winter, you can not see that nature because of darkness and snow. You can see many students and many drunk people on the streets. The city is also famous with erasmus students
I was in Jyvaskyla last semester and I lost my room's key so I paid 20 euro just to open it.

In Jyvaskyla I fell down from the bike in the night because I was so drunk.

Sounds about right
A northern town full of pakis, chavs, real men, hard bastards, murders and frequent riots.

Not to be ****ed with.

Southerner: Where are you from?
Bradfordian: Bradford, mate.
Southerner: Ouch, I hear it's rough up there. If I were to venture into that particular area, I'd need to take my mummy for company.
Bradfordian: **** off, you soft southern ****.

yeah nigga

An absolute bum-hole of a town (yes I said town, Leeds is a city!) full of roadworks, dickheads, burglars, druggies and knobbers.

The best plan that Bradford council had for one corner of the town was to knock it down. Which they did.
Now the best idea they are currently building is a pond in the centre of town, which one week after the fanfares and grand openings of it, will be full of crisp packets, used johnnies and dead tramps. Quite how the planning is improving things, we don;t know, but it certainly has help shift the European anti-depressant mountain thanks to all the depressed souls littering the town.

You want somewhere nice to visit? Go to Leeds or Halifax. Want to see a basement that has taken 3 years to build or the remains of a dead beggar next to a skip? Come visit the sights of 'sunny' Bradford

What the **** are we doing here? It's shit in Bradford!

A Northern city which is near leeds and is based in West yorkshire. Its a tuff town and if any of u soft southernas tink ya can cum up ull get murked by us bradford boysh coz us Northerns dnt take nicely to sketish southernas. All i can say about Bradford is da riots between different races.
Bradford=Might of the North

Bradford the town where none locals get murked

ahahahahahah yes

Its high street is on a ****ing slope too.

Don't know why I laughed so much at that last one but ahahahha
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A small village* that regularly floods and is located in Shropshire, too close really to Wolverhampton for most people's liking. The town is also nicknamed "Salop", however none of the locals seem to know why. Many refer to it as "The Shire".

*It's not a village. The rest is true.