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Today I learned that lots of Pit Monkeys live in the boonies.

Here's Glasgow

Gaelic name = Glaschu Scots name =Glesga
''The Second City Of The Empire''as it was known in Victorian times.The largest city in Scotland ,Shipbuilding giant Located on the Banks of The River Clyde home to about a million people,also the second most populous in the UK.Home to some of the Finest Georgian architecture in Britain.Glasgow has also got more Parks than any other City(Dear Green Place]Founded in the 6th century by St Mungo Who is the Cities Patron Saint.Football plays an important part in Glasgow ,Hampden Park Ibroxand Celtic Park being the three Largest Stadiums in Scotland.Hampden Park used to be the Largest Football Stadium in the World untill the 1950's

Hey, at least its not Edinburgh!

"The un-official capital of Scotland"
Edinburgh = Skaffy "K" heads - on a mission to get mullered!

Glasgow = Good Clean Fun"

A city of extremes. In one day you can view the original Salvador Dhali Christ painting, spend the afternoon wandering the chic boutiques and vintage shops of the west end and then get chased by neds "doon the gallowgate" and consume more saturated fat in one meal than you ever thought possible.

Glaswegians have a fantastic sense of humour though and are overall extremely friendly and enjoy a bit of banter.
Tourist "I got stabbed by a ned in Glasgow but he gave me directions to the hospital and change for the 38 bus"

Paris after a nuclear Holocaust.
I have to write something in this box soooo.... "Glasgow"

And Hamburg

City State; A diverse mixture of cultures in the North of Germany with more millionaires per capita than any other city in Germany. It is a unique wonderland with a reputation for shit weather and constant wind. The police in Hamburg have leather jackets, making them tougher and uber cool. The biggest cemetery in Europe is in Hamburg, with it's own dedicated bus service.

Famous and well known for many things, including: Sankt Pauli, the Beatles, and Gina Wild; Some German rap stars have originated and reside within Hamburg. A media centre. Many homeless people live in Hamburg.

And Cornwall

A small town of about 50'000 people, along the St. Lawrence river on the border of the USA. Consisting of pregnant teenagers, dead-beat pot head dads to go along with them, and wanna be bloods/crips. The adults are usually retired elderly or hillbillies using the welfare system.

In the summer time people gather around areas such as Lock 19 & The Docks where you can get infections from all the shit Domtar dumped in the St. Lawrence River before they shut down. You'll often see girls "scrapping" (AKA fist-fighting) wearing a worn out sweater from the mall, trashy makeup and jean shorts. If you walk down the street you'll usually see a group of hoodlums on their porch and their girlfriends dressed in a bathing suit top and shorts, smoking pot while listening to Gucci Mane or some other rap artist extremely loud.

Area Code: 613

Population: 50'000+

Nicknames: C-wall, Cornhole.
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gothenburg handshake 4 up, 1 down
A greeting where a man's genitals are grabbed and shaken by another man, regardless of consent. The term was coined in the song "Gothenburg Handshake" by The Pains of Being Pure At Heart.
"He shook way more than my hand...he pulled a Gothenburg Handshake on me and now my balls feel awkward and molested..."

wtf, i have never heard about this and I've lived here for 23 years.
sometimes I see us in a cymbal splash or in the sound of a car crash
One time, when I was stoned,I figured out that if you type "sweet" with your fingers set one key to the right, you type "derry." fs,m. yjrdr nrsyd str derry.

sounds about right
The first one:

A city name so common that is appeared in both "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" and its sequel, Shock Treatment, as a generic every-town USA.

The most famous Denton is Denton, Texas, (pop. approx. 120,000), located about 30 miles NW of Dallas along I-35. Denton is home to renowned industry, great food, an infamous 1960s/1970s hippie population, Texas Woman's University, and most famously, the University of North Texas. Great bands have emerged from Denton's music scene (itself an offshoot of the UNT music school, one of the best in the nation), such as the Toadies, Baboon, Tripping Daisy, Polyphonic Spree, the Eagles, and Norah Jones.

Pretty accurate and I like.

About every other one:

To screw something up; British slang for penis.

when someone is to committed to going on a night out even when nobody wants to

To make a huge mistake in public, often repeatedly.

Also: noun, a penis.

Reference to Nick Denton of Gawker, who repeatedly declared he'd discovered the identity of Fake Steve Jobs, but kept guessing the wrong people.

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I've only been to Scarborough once. I was born in Oakville, like I'm going to go to Scarborough. I won't go lower than Hamilton on the shit scale.

you never disappoint


Not DRO-HEAD-DAH. Nor DROG-HEAD-DUH. The word is pronounced Draw-dah (according to my religion teacher) from the syntax of the many locals of the area. A town in the wee county of Louth, in the humble province of Leinster, where you can find all sorts of funny characters and possibly the worst Irish accent ever. Home of St. Lawrence's gate, the Bridge of Peace, the Head (yes, the frickin' head) of St. Oliver Plunkett and of course, the strongest football team of the Eircom League in Ireland, Drogheda United. It also hosts one of the gayest lamest disco establishments ever, the Star and Crescent, where you can hook-up or bait, one of its many lipstick-wearing, underage-drinking, 16-year-old hoes. Also the dwelling place of many culchies and skangers.

It is a place in Co.Louth Ireland where drug gangs are moving too cause Dublin is full now. They like to shoot each other across the road and go kick the shit out of each other on West street on a friday and saturday night. If you live here which i do . . . You will know what i mean.
The coolest campustown in Indiana. Also the city of random sirens and loud trains at midnight.

Brad: Dude, it's 3 am. Did you hear that train?
Rodrigo: Relax, dude, we're in Bloomington.


EDIT: If you also wanna see a rare view of what lushacrous was up to before UG, check the 3rd entry down
R.I.P. M.C.A.
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My ones for my home town are all shit. Here is a selection of my Uni Town of Leicester:

leicester home to a good rugby team and an under acheiving football team. unlike other cities in the midlands (nottingham and birmingham) it is safe to walk through it with out body armour. once home to the legendary Martin O'Neil and Englebert Humperdinck lives nearby.
Leicester is the best city in the midlands.

A city in the East Midlands of the United Kingdom, the sole purpose of which is to confuse Americans by its pronunciation. Also used to breed traffic lights; however, the harvest has been considerably delayed and so is now overrun by them.
Can you tell me the way to Lie Ses Ter?
That's "Lester"...
All I want is for everyone to go to hell...
...It's the last place I was seen before I lost myself

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Sturgis, Michigan

A small town in southwestern Michigan known for Kirsch Company (which has since moved), Tom Bodett (the Motel 6 guy), and not much else. It is a huge meth lab area, and is also known as Little Mexico.

Sounds about right.
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What happened to Snake?




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you can take my mouse and keyboard from my cold, slightly orange from cheetos, dead fingers

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Isis is amazing
Philly (don't live there, but am close enough and this describes it pretty well)

Philadelphia isn't just a city that lies between the shadows of New York and Washington, it is a city where the Eagles are the topic of dinner conversation year round. It is where a meal consists of a cheesesteak, Natty light, soft pretzels,
and Tasty Kakes for dessert. It is where there is a Wawa on every corner, and you look forward to the 1st day of Spring when Rita's gives out free "wooder" ice. It is where you know it's a hoagie, not a sub and the shore, not the beach. Most importantly, where everyone is brothers and it is ok to say hello to someone you don't know if they are a birds fan. That is Philadelphia, the city of Brotherly Love... Outsiders will never understand

black people are people too

That last line

My actual town isn't on there

This is the closest I could find. It is kinda weird how it's all big houses and then white trash apartments. Never really noticed that before :/

Feasterville PA

Also known as Feast, and the Vose is a town that borders Northeast Philly's neighborhood of Somerton. It is chillin up in Bucks County. Mostly whites and some blacks, some Asian, very little Hispanic. For some reason there are alot of Russians up here. Lower Southampton is the township. Neshaminy High is where kids from Feasterville go and some from Trevose go because half of Trevose goes to Neshaminy and half goes to Bensalem High. Yea there are alot of wiggers that walk along Street Road and chill out front of the 7/11 and gas stations. People in Feasterville-Trevose can go from very rich to very poor cuz there are tiny ass apartment complexes to big ass mansions it's weird. Not so dangerous there is a bum and there is some robberies and theft every now and then from the white trash that live up in them apartments. Kids typically chill at the Panera Bread, Brunswick Zone, or head up to Neshaminy Mall up in Bensalem. Oh and we will **** up Levittown up anyday yo.

Also this sounds exactly like I how I would imagine the loser kids from Bensalam High School would write this. God damn the majority of them are ******s

Here's another. Newtown PA

In upper-middle class, very historic and sterile town in Bucks county, PA. It's about 30 minutes outside of Philadelphia. Although most of the newcomers are rich New Yorkers and New Jersyens who both want less taxes and regulation(guns) and Mayberry. The town is about 91% white not counting the old farts wich brings it up to probably 96% white. The town is as cute as it gets with a gap store and movie theatre right downtown.

It has basically obtained the crown of premiere suburb of middle bucks county away from yardley. Although Yardley has on old-money estate area east of it's downtown along with throngs of McMansions everywhere. Yardley is also right on the train line to Philadelphia.

The town is pretentious, yet is not impenetrable. You will find alot of decent folks there.

Great place to raise a family. Alot nearby; historical sites, New Hope, Lahaska, Philadelphia, Delaware river towns, Princeton.

The highschool kids probably are surrounded with a difficult drug and alcohol matrix around them. But what high school doesn't.
Kid one: Who are moving from Yardely to Newtown next month.

Kid two: Why are you moving like only 1 mile away from your current house. Yardley's old-school, Newtown is where it's at now.

Kide one: Oh I get it, your about to graduate middle school and Pennsbury high's academics pale in comparison to Council Rock.

I live pretty much inbetween the second and third.

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she was saying things like... do you want to netflix and chill but just the chill part...too bad she'll never know that I only like the Netflix part...
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Where I live -

A small state college in central Pennsylvania where you are considered cultured if you drink imported beer. Although it is often overshadowed by the Penn state main campus (roughly two hours away) SHIP has been sporting record Underage drinking violations for over a decade. It was recently made into a dry campus but still retains the strong scent of cheap beer and liquor. Ohh, its also a fine place to see cows and get an education.
"Sometimes my dad will come home from the bar drunk and beat me to take out his frustration"
"Didn't your dad graduate from Shippensburg University?"

Where I work -

Piece of shit town. Nuff' said. All you can do is eat shitty pizza, watch shitty football games, go to a shitty school, and newville girls are a synonym for newville pizza. Cops are dickheads and the tree is horrible. WARNING: Visitors prone to experience fits of rage from experiencing such a shitty town.
Kid 1: Where we going, man?

Kid 2: Newville PA

Kid 1: I ****in' hate that piece of shit town.

Neither one is inaccurate
Begin again in the night, let's sway again tonight.
Your arm on my shoulder, your cheek against mine.
Where can we go, when will we find that, we know.
The third largest and second fastest growing city in the UK. Generally seen as the capital of the North due to Liverpool being shit, Newcastle being too small, and Manchester being in Lancashire.

Can't argue with that.
Spare a Cow
Eat a Vegan
La Crosse
A College Town in western Wisconsin on the Mississippi River. Essentially a small town with many elements of a big city. A nice place for people who want an escape from the city but not city life altogether. Plenty to do year round, though mostly in Summer and Winter.
Spend a weekend in La Crosse and you may have a new outlook on life when you go home.

There's nothing to do but drink and get high in this town
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Jesus died for their sins. It would be a waste if they just didn't sin it up. If you ask me, it's almost unchristian if you DON'T eat the kiddies.
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Hahaha you short fuck
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LOL manlet
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Where I live -

Where I work -

Neither one is inaccurate

My cousin went to Ship

It sure sounds accurate

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she was saying things like... do you want to netflix and chill but just the chill part...too bad she'll never know that I only like the Netflix part...
Pataskala, Ohio (where I went to high school):

Pataskala is located in central Ohio, 20 minutes east of Columbus. Known for being the former home of the famous porn star John Holmes, Pataskala offers many fun activities. These include counting the hundreds of underage pregnant girls roaming the streets in search of marijuana and a vast assortment of drugs (common in the greens). Also, sitting in a vehicle in the local Krogers parking lot for no apparent reason is another popular activity. If a place to stay for an overnighter with a hooker you just picked up, the Shamrock Motel is perfect for you! The stained matresses and the unbelivable amount of crack addicts inhabiting the area will put a smile on any crack *****'s face! If sports is more of your choice for entertainment stop by the local Watkins Memorial Highschool for a basketball game. With a total of 3 wins in two years, it should make you feel better about yourself while the coaches embarrase themselves and the entire school. So come on down to Pataskala Ohio and waste your life away with us! See you soon!
the best dutch city in the world and home of one of the most epic dutch warlords

i've been in amsterdam but its nothing compared to maastricht

~And the raindrops in the cars

Keep on falling from off the bars

Blocking out a good song

Playing on the radio~
There wasn't anything good for where I live, so this is where I work:

The shittiest neighborhood in the Pittsburgh area. It is a place where rats and trash sell drugs to each other and commit hate crimes for fun. Residents call themselves "Crickers", because they are stupid hicks. It is the home of Woodland Hills, a.k.a. Woody high, a disgraceful institution for the lowest of human life.

Pretty much nailed it.
The Capital of Iceland, around 120,000 living in the city, 180,000 in the municipality. Known for expensive beer, great nightlife, and good music. Reykjavik's the coolest city on earth.

A city in Indiana known for it's astonomical high meth lab rates, prostitution rings, and horrible horrible smell in the Southern part of the city. It was also nicknamed "Sin city" by Time magazine decades ago. The cities moto is "A Level Above" but sadly the only thing it is above is a pile of elephant feces.

Pretty ****ing accurate.
I like St. Anger. Ridicule me, daddy

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You're just wannabe Belgians.

Belgians are wannabe Maastrichtians, just come and see any "koopzondag"
~And the raindrops in the cars

Keep on falling from off the bars

Blocking out a good song

Playing on the radio~
A feeling of being trapped inside the bubble-like world of a campus university.
After five months in Hawthorns Hall of residence Becky began to suffer from a profound keele.

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If lands end is the left buttock, and margate is the right buttock, that would make Croydon the arsehole of Britain

Croydon, only visit it if you have to.

if there was a new Ring of Hell, it would be Croydon. And I'm not making this up - I live in the ****ing place...

A borough of London, south of the river.

It is known for it's chavs, and Ikea store. It's home to Nestle and Allders.

The town is also where all of the immigrants come in, as it has the Home Office.

The town's shite, full of drunken's and teeny-bopper wanna be chavs. Very well interbred, and split between the races; ie West Croydon = Asians and Blacks, New Addington = White Estate Chavs, Shirley and Sanderstead = posh white middle class people - as far away from public transport as possible... And Addiscombe, South Norwood, Purley etc = mixed racial areas.

If you want to see chavs - go to Tollgate Estate in Addiscombe/Elmers End. Or, otherwise, visit any MacDonalds in Central Croydon.

The town's known for the rebellious Kate Moss and Naomi Cambell. You'll often see wanna be A-list Vanessa off of Big Brother.

The town has a very high rate of vandalism, GBH and sexual assults. Recent news coverage about the murder of Sally-Anne Bowman. East Croydon Station is also the most dangerous station in London.

The accent is bad. Very bad. Although Croydon has some good schools, eg Whitgift, John Fisher, Coloma, Royal Russel... These are a minority. Often you'll be physically abused by school kids from schools such as Haling Manor, Shirley High, Ashburton, Thomas Moore etc etc.

Basically, don't move here. Don't visit Croydon. It's a shit hole... =)

(I know, I live here... but I am not a Chav.)
What a Croydoner might say: "Nah man I ain't payin no shit for bus. Bus is free innit. Shut up man. I ain't list'nin to none of your shit. Shut up. Shut up. **** off man. Lemme on da bus, bitch. Aight, I'ma get ma bredrins on yous lot man. Lemme get ma gun from ma yard, man. Gonna merk you up, bitch."

This is pretty much it. I'm amazed how right they got it, kinda.
Keokuk is a small town in Southeast Iowa located at the convergence of the Des Moines and Mississippi rivers. Keokuk was named for the Sac-Fox Indian, Chief Keokuk. Keokuk was once a proud, bustling community of over 17,000 persons. Now it is but a shell of its former self. Just over 10,000 people now call Keokuk home. Unemployment rates are high and anyone who gets an education generally leaves town and never comes back. The school system is eroding, city streets are in disrepair, and healthcare services are meager at best. As more and more factories close and semi-intelligent individuals leave town, the results of years of inbreeding in Keokuk will become more apparent. Eventually Keokuk's population will probable level off at around 2,500. Everyone one in town will be related and there will only be 5-6 surnames in the phonebook.
Keokuk is a town known for two things, drinking and fighting.

Yep, that's right.

Around the time of the straw poll, some big-shot journalist totally trashed Keokuk as being the "skuzziest town I've ever seen", which leads me to believe he's never left his house.

Mark Twain once lived in Southeast Iowa, in Keokuk, working at his brother's printing press. He also was employed nearby as a reporter for the Muscatine Journal. When Twain lived in Keokuk 150 years ago, the Gateway City was a sought-after destination; some seriously said Keokuk would someday rival Chicago as a metropolis of culture and commerce. Thirty-eight hotels crowned the intersection of the Mississippi and Des Moines Rivers. The coming of the railroads changed all that, and today, Keokuk, is a depressed, crime-infested slum town. Almost every other Mississippi river town is the same; they're some of the skuzziest cities I've ever been to, and that's saying something.
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1. Basildon 75 up, 37 down
Basildon is a town in Essex,

it is widley known as "chav town" as this is where most of the chavs hang around. Basildon has the hightest rate of teeenage pregnacys in the whole of the UK and, not supprisingly, Also has the highest rate or S.T.D's,

However basildon is not ALL bad, there is a small section (st martins square) where the anti-chavs go, all the alternative people, emo, skater, goth, grunge, hardcore and punk population.

Basildon is Located next to billericay and Laindon

Well that was a shit description, although somewhat accurate.

The descriptions for Essex were shit too. Other than that it's the richest county.
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OddOneOut is an Essex S&M mistress and not a pirate or a computer program.

The only City which is so boring and uninteresting that the first entries under its name are unrelated to the place.

A poor mans Nottingham which has an alarming affection for Sheep.
"Hey want to go into Derby tonight?"
"Id rather stick a fork in my eye"
The time has come for all to see

The men behind the curtain cast at you disease

Yours Sincerely

Good place, nice city and great clubs. Opposite of Glasgow
My city not there, but it's a native reservation so pretty much smoke shops, beer, and pissed off natives. Me being one of them.
Some have friends....

... others have guitars....

Hey, it's uhh... 4:20....

Thought you'd like to know is all.

I am not here to make you laugh, I'm here to make you horny.
THIS IS SOOOO TRUE! And I live in Appletree.
Levittown is a philly "suburb" located roughly 30 minutes east of the city. our neighborhoods are called sections and are marked by a large usually blue sign. the names of the streets start the the same first letter of the setion it is located in. it is very diverse. we have every kind of person from the emo kids, hoodrats and even an old acid fried hippy who trains squirrels.most kids in L-town complain that there is not much to do but drink, **** and smoke buddha. that is not far from the truth. when confronted by someone from another town the typical L-towner will defend it and come up with many reasons why its a good place to live. Levittown is notorious for L-Town Brown which is shitty kind weed that gives you a 1 hour high accompanied by a vicious headache. However, most of the herb in levittown is good because it is either homegrown or comes from philly. most of the teens in levittown smoke trees which at times makes regs hard to find, leaving only higher quality bud such as dank and headdies which many cant afford. wawa is the shit

damn, L-town is ****in boreing, lets go down to the wall and smoke a blunt thenwander around appltree for awhile before we raid ur fridge.

JAKEDIT:What's even funnier now that I think about it, is that my dad actually grew his own weed for awhile. The neighbors popped him for it so he took the plants down.
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A wonderful place in the UK, near Bristol. Was founded by the Romans, and is home to the famous Roman Baths, hence the reasoning for the name.

Doesn't sound too bad.

Nothing on my home town though...
ERROR 0x45: Signature not found
(n) Where Satan threatens to send residents of hell who are deemed unworthy. This desolate, barren wasteland was at one time an important manufacturer of steel, ranking third in the country in gross production - behind only Pitsburgh, PA and Gary, IN. After helping the U.S. military conquer the Nazis the city turned its attention to mafia car-bombings (known as a Youngstown tune-up). After much white flight, the city became a great place for crack-*****s (especially lower Market Street, know near Chamlmers). Jim Tressel did what he could to return dignity to the city by capturing 4 National Championships in Division I-AA Football, but any gains made there have since been nullified by the imprisonment of the congressman, sheriff, prosecutor, county commissioner and a couple judges. Mess with Youngstown (the ****ing Valley to you) and you will get skinned alive if you are lucky.
Youngstown is one crazy-ass shithole.

A city in Northeastern Ohio named after John Young, who came there in 1797 after purchasing the whole township. Youngstown is largely impoverished with the median household income less than 20 grand a year. Youngstown is also notorious for its crime rate with an average of 52 murders a year and countless rapes and robberies. Only 7% of the city's population has a Bachelor's degree or higher, which may account for the poor economy. With the closet city (with a pop. of 1,000,000+) being Philadelphia and a nasty climate, Youngstown is not a desirable place to be.
I want to commit suicide so I'm gonna stand in the Youngstown Projects for an hour or so to let someone else do the dirty work.

Youngstown, Ohio. (330)
Definition of Youngstown - You N G's Town.
Murder is 3.10 times the National Average
Forcible Rape is 2.06 times the National Average
Robbery is 1.63 times the National Average
Aggravated Assault is 1.39 times the National Average
All Violent Crime is 1.60 times the National Average
Arson is 10.81 times the National Average
Burglary is 2.58 times the National Average
Larceny or Theft is 1.08 times the National Average
Car Theft is 1.04 times the National Average
All Property Crime is 1.37 times the National Average
Youngstown (Ohio) was also rated #15 out of the worst 100 cities for crime, murder, rape in 2008.
**** all the haters. Youngstown is da place.
~Goon Squad 330~

sunbather is shit
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THIS IS SOOOO TRUE! And I live in Appletree.

JAKEDIT:What's even funnier now that I think about it, is that my dad actually grew his own weed for awhile. The neighbors popped him for it so he took the plants down.

Some of the Levittown ones were hysterical

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she was saying things like... do you want to netflix and chill but just the chill part...too bad she'll never know that I only like the Netflix part...
leicester home to a good rugby team and an under acheiving football team. unlike other cities in the midlands (nottingham and birmingham) it is safe to walk through it with out body armour. once home to the legendary Martin O'Neil and Englebert Humperdinck lives nearby.
New York City
New York City 3788 up, 609 down
the unofficial capital of the United States of America
I (heart) N.Y.
by remmy Apr 8, 2004 share this add a video
new york city images
view of queensboror bridge going into nyc
1 of 4
2. New York City 2307 up, 595 down
Without a doubt, the most exciting city in America. I seriously don't know why NYC is compared to Los Angeles. There's a huge difference and LA isn't half the city NYC is.
Better city in America? Not very ****ing likely...
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3. New York City 1600 up, 418 down
Best, most exciting city in the whole wide world (I'm not american by the way) with some of the friendliest (really) people and the best food. Where else can you buy a giant pretzel? or nuts? or a huge pizza on the street? It's one of those places everyone should go to, at least once.
You should go to New York City!
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4. new york city 1355 up, 404 down
the capital of the world
all life revolves around new york city
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5. new york city 916 up, 268 down
A great city in the U.S.A full of different cultures and people and a lot of freaks (you know who you are!!)
New York City- The Irish built it, the Jews own it and the Italians run it!!
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6. New York City 931 up, 315 down
Metropolis; the biggest city in the United States and one of the biggest cities in the world. The financial and economic capital of the United States and the Western Hemisphere. Like any other city, whether its visible on the surface or not, there's crime, poverty and excess in New York City, alongside some of the wealthiest people in the world. It differs from other cities in the US in that the cityscape is more of a contiguous metropolis than Los Angeles, Boston or Chicago. Residents are (surprise surpise) very proud of their city; they have a reputation for being rude, arrogant and boisterous but it is a stereotype that doesn't hold true in every circumstance.
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pft everyone knows about nyc, pleb

Pfft calling me pleb when Im a new yorker