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Youngstown really sucks.

yessir, although I actually live like fifteen minutes outside of youngstown so I'm pretty safe. The other town I live next to isn't much better though.

Lake Milton
A place that resembles hell in Ohio. There is no food close and the lake smells like ass. If you drive by this place stay away and if you live there you should just leave, or kill yourself if it isnt too late.
As we entered lake milton the boy jumped out of the car and stabed himself

They left out the meth labs but whatever lol, I believe they busted one that was right next to a daycare center not too long ago. The food part isn't true though; there's no chain restaurants or anything but there's mexican, chinese, pizza and a burger place. Actually now that I think of it it's not bad at all.
sunbather is shit
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Not too many people like West Palm Beach on Urbandictionary, do they...

Although everything they wrote is almost completely correct.
Obviously nothing about my city so let's try France instead:

A country where people work 35 hour weeks and have two months paid leave a year.

Is the world's 4th largest economy.

Is a country with strong cultural and traditional values.

Is a county with arguably the best food and drink in the world.


A country with second-to-none public systems - TGV (train), education, healthcare.

A country that smokes and drinks more wine than Britain and America and has a fraction of the heart disease and obesity rate.

A country full of charming, well-dressed people who do respond well when not approached by tactless English-speaking philistines.

A country full of beautiful architecture and art.
At least visit the place!

A country whose soldiers marched row by row into German machine gun fire in the beginning of World War 1. 500, 000 French soldiers died this way in The Great War. This is the same country that is ridiculed today for having a 'cowardly' military history.
God bless the French.

A ridiculous "city" hanging off the state of Florida, where troll is relentless and so are the people. Mostly old leathery hags, and extremely bored, stupid, horny teenagers. 92% of the people here smoke weed. The infamous Largo High School is a shit hole that was supposed to be rebuilt 30 years ago. 9 out of 10 people sell drugs, and the SRO sucks dick.

The principle looks like a crack***** alien, and theres fights everyday. However, it's a very diverse school, we have everyone from those stupid ****in hipsters to straight up hippies, ghetto bitches, scene kids, potheads, band geeks, artsy kids, loners, rich kids, surfers, losers, gamers, punks, sluts, alcoholics, heroin addicts, junkies, crack heads, con artists, gang members, rednecks, drug dealers (mostly), bitches, and basically EVERY minority ever.

Half of us can't speak English, and half the teachers are stoned out of their minds. No one enjoys living here, this is where you come to die. We have Bi-polar weather, and too many ****in trailer parks. Every person under 18 that lives here plans on leaving this pathetic excuse for a town as so as they turn 18. No one has ever heard of this town because it shouldn't exist.

Steve: "Hey what's wrong with that girl over there?"
Joe: "Oh, she's from Largo."
Steve: "Where???"
Joe: "Exactly."
Stockport may be a shithole but were ****in better than blackpool and as for liverpool well its full of ****in scouse bastards the twatting tramps. if any of you scuffy fat headed annoyin ****in bell ends ever abuse stockport again im gonna rape your nanna suck a fat one u bastard scousers.

scruffy scouse bastards

I love home.
Closest I could get was about Maryville City Schools, not the town itself:

A preppy and elitist public school system in Maryville, TN. It's the school where all the doctors' and lawyers' kids go, since they're apparently more important than everybody else. More money is spent on the kids there than the kids at Blount County Schools, who they look down on. And what's really tragic is that three-fourths of the teachers at Blount County send their kids to Maryville City, as if their own teaching isn't good enough. They walk around like kids at Maryville City Schools are so much more intelligent and cultured than the kids in Blount County, when in reality they're just as redneck and stupid as everyone else in East Tennessee.

They mad.
My hometown is so small that it doesn't have an UD definition.

So, here's my state:


717 up, 196 down

The Cross-Roads of America. The state that lies between Ohio ,Illinois, Kentucky and Michigan. The state is quaint and known for the Indianapolis 500 and the residents' fervant love of basketball. Considered by many to be a nowhere hole in the wall for rednecks etc., but oh well. And is also the namesake for one of the coolest film heroes of all time, Indiana Jones. Admit it, that sounds alot better than Kentucky Slim, New York Paul or California Fag.

I flew over Indiana on my way to Denver.

edit: The ones for Indiana University were lol worthy.
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I wish I was American.

~ A Rolling Potato Gathers No Moss ~
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'City of art, culture and....ah sod it. It's a damned city like most others,but it does have great pubs, as long as you stay clear of the charver/charva bars.
beware the Bigg Market'

Sounds about right.
________ A
Location: Rushden is on the A6 between Bedford and Kettering. It is connected to the larger towns by a wank bus service which takes an hour and a half to reach ****ing Northampton.
Governance: None. Several failed attempts to enforce the law in the past.
History: There are several theories regarding the origins of Rushden, I shall list only those that are given any serious consideration: A) Rushden was created by Satan, who had a wank and didn't clean up afterwards. B) Rushden was created in the 1950s by secret nuclear testing by the Government, who in an effort to cover up the resulting crater as a town, inhabited it with the UK's worst and dimmest. C) Rushden is the unfortunate result of an attempt to break the world record in gathering the most people with no GCSE qualifications in one place, they just never left. D) Rushden was Hitler's answer to ******s, Winston Churchill just went along with it as a great idea.
Sports: Drinking, fighting, stabbing and long-distance running (from the Police, who kindly provide fag breaks for the participants).
Education: N/A.
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