Hi all, so I was perusing Craigslist and this dude had about 10 different Fender guitars up. Mostly classic vibe, vintage modified and a MIM strat. He also had two Fender Modern Player Jags. I had been looking for some sweet p90s, and long story short, I tested and out bought this cool red Modern Player jag!

(I couldn't figure out how to reduce the filesize on these, so forgive the links)

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The red tends to not come across well in photos, it's darker and fuller than it looks.

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Anyway, a lot of people don't like the Modern Player line. It says "fender" on it and comes from China, from a different factory than the CV series. I'm sure some of them are awful, but I have no complaints with this jaguar. I didn't really want a "traditional" Jaguar, and this is a good fit for me (I also don't care for strats).

The neck p90s sounds amazing, it's very thick and bassy, and takes to gain well. It is noisy, but I just fiddle with the volume and tone knobs until I get the sound I want with minimal noise. A lot of the complaints I hear about p90s seem to ignore the volume and tone knobs. The middle position sucks, honestly, the two pickups sound very bland together. The bridge p90s has a lot of treble, but the tone just isn't amazing or anything. This would be a very bland-sounding guitar if not for the neck pickup, but fortunately the neck pup along has a lot of tonal variety (if you mess with volume/tone).

The action is a bit low and the strings are too light. It's a short scale guitar, so I'll probably need 10s or 11s on it. The previous guy probably put 9s on here, which is why they feel super light. The neck feels great, whatever they use on the neck keeps it smooth and fast. Unlike my Viper-1000, it doesn't stick to my palms when I sweat.

Anyway, the finish on the frets was great. I don't know if the guy who had this before me had it set up/finished the frets himself, but for $230, this is a killer guitar. I completely understand people ragging on the Modern Player line for being $500+ new. I mean, I don't think these guitars are worth it at that price. BUT, secondhand? I don't think there are that many better deals in the 2-300 dollar range, honestly. I haven't played a CV or MIM to compare them, but it seems like a lot of those who have think that modern players are in the ballpark.

If I have any complaints, the tone knobs are crap. I'm going to replace them with silver ones.

And for sticking with that long review, here is something fun for you:

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Jaguar-shaped guitar with P-90s... it's basically a Jazzmaster Looks cool, though. HNGD
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That red has a nice, rich glow to it. Nice!
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