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Is this possible?

See, I have a Fender Stagemaster. (See here.) As you can see, it has an HSH config right now. Obviously, that switch there is a 5-way switch.

I want to put in 2 actives, namely SD Blackouts. There's room in the cavity for the 9v batteries, and I'm pretty sure I could follow the basic schematics/instructions provided with the pickups and do the solder work to connect everything correctly. (Note: I would be leaving the single coil in as a dummy pickup.)
I have installed pickups in a different guitar before. In fact, I disliked the sound of an active in that other guitar; so, one of the Blackouts is actually from that guitar. It currently has no pickup or strings or whatever, because Fender Squire Bullets (single humbucker; also see here) are shit guitars. I've just been too lazy to do anything with such a shit guitar.

The only hangup would be that 5-way switch. Would I be able to essentially leave 2 of the nodes on empty, thereby causing it work like a 3-way switch? I know it might be better to order a 3-way switch, but I kind of like the idea of having it be a fake "5-way".
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I would advise ordering the 3-way switch. Makes everything a lot simpler in the end.
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Blackouts actually come with a 3 way switch. If you don't have it, I suggest buying one too, they're dirt cheap.

Also, I have a bit of an OCD, so having two 'dead' positions on the switch would drive me insane, but that's just my two cents.
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You could leave the two empty and have two dead positions, or you could connect the potentially empty lugs to one of the neighboring lugs to avoid having dead positions (ie. two positions for neck and two for bridge, or three positions equivalent to the middle position).

I don't necessarily see the draw of it, but that's why it's your guitar and not mine. If you like the idea, go for it