Hi all,

Been recently GASing for a multi-FX pedal and currently looking at the Zoom G5. I've been reading through lots of reviews on different forums the past few days and want to gather everyone's opinion on it; is it worth it or would something else suit my needs?

Budget? - HKD $2,500 which is roughly $350 USD

Genres? -
  • Pop-punk (e.g. Relient K, All Time Low)
  • Rock"ish" (e.g. Angels and Airwaves)
  • Jazz (e.g. Frank Vignola, George Benson, Larry Carlton)
  • Funk

New or Used? - New; I guess...

Home or Gig - Both; I figure Zoom G5 is good because it can used be with:
  • An amp (currently don't have one but for future preparation after I finish my professional accounting qualifications )
  • A PA; especially at church because they only use PA
  • Used with a recording interface connected to my Focusrite Saffire 2i2 as Garageband VST's not great

Closest City? - Hong Kong

Current Gear - Epiphone ES-335 --> Ernie Ball VP JR --> Korg: Pitchblack Tuner --> Visual Sound: Jekyll & Hyde v1 --> Boss: NS-2 Noise Suppressor --> Boss: DD-7 Digital Delay

Before people say that my current gear is good enough, the reasons I would like to have a multi-effects pedal on hand is as follows:
  • Cheaper than a HD500
  • Amp-modelling means I can use it at church through PA and it doesn't sound like **** or for home recording
  • Sometimes carrying a pedal case is not as convenient as a multi-FX pedal in terms of time to set-up??
  • I don't have space for a pedal board (Hong Kong is not the most forgiving place for space)

The only problem I've read up on the Zoom G5 is in the difficulty of changing banks and only activating 3/4 pedals at a time; or something to that effect...

Thanks in advance!
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You can activate all 6 pedals at once. There is only 4 screens or visual stomps, so you need to scroll left or right to be able to actively control/change settings on the stomp.

Bank changing is by pressing two button at once with your foot. Preset changing is either by pressing a button with your finger or changing the control mode by holding down a button for a couple sec. It's not the best ergonomic setup, but it's $200 cheaper than the HD500 and you get a lot of functionality.
look up ashbass g5 mods-they have some cool ones to make it easier to use
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What you really need is a new amp.

(Anything I missed?)

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