Went to the local music and arts store on Friday and bought a Epiphone Les Paul traditional pro gold top. Took it home and played it over the weekend and decided that the satin neck is just not for me. So first thing today I went back to the store and returned it for this standard pro. I didn't think there would be to much difference in sound, but their is. The standard sounds much better to me. I bought a vox valvetronix VT20 also. I was running a line 6 75 watt spyder 3. I know the vox is only 30 watts, but it sounds louder then 30 watts.

Over all I really like this guitar. It sounds and feels better then my LTD. I can also switch to single coil pups with its coil tapping.

HNGD! I've been searching craigslist for someone to lowball on an Epi LP Standard for the past few weeks. What's different between the traditional and the standard that makes them sound so different? I'm guessing different pickups?
Very classy!

(I'm also curious about the difference between the guitars.)
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The traditional has a satin finish on the neck, lots of people like a satin finish, they claim they can feel the wood and their hands don't stick. I prefer a glossy neck like on the standard pro. To me, it allows me to play better.

As far as the pick ups. The traditional pro uses open coil pups. The neck a alnico classic pro Humbuckers with coil tapping
And the bridge pickup is a open coil probucker 3 with coil tapping

The standard pro uses. Neck probucker 2 and for the bridge it uses probucker 3. Both with coil tapping.

Both guitars have a mahogany body and neck
Here is a pic of the traditional pro As you can see the open coil Humbuckers. Don't get me wrong. It didn't sound bad. But I could play it then plug my EC 100 LTD in and not tell a difference in sound from the two. The standard has its own sound that the others just don't have.

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