hey guys, need some advice, i got a guitar audition to a music college coming up in a couple days, and i was wondering which would be a better method to prepare the night before,

1. Practice the day before a lot during the day, get a good nights sleep, practice 1-2 the day of before audition.


2. Practice less during the day before, go to sleep earlier, wake up in the middle of the night and practice a lot right until the audition. (My audition in 10am early morning)

which do you guys think would be best? let me know from personal experience or just what you guys think! thanks!

this is a jazz audition to Berklee btw if anyone is wondering.
The one that doesn't involve screwing up your sleep cycle.
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do not change your routine. whatever you have been doing, keep doing it.

However, do not over practice. You will be mentally and physically at a low if you do.
get a good night's sleep and good luck!
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