yes it will work. the fact that it is a p90 doesnt make any difference as far as wiring.
But wiring is perfect? I mean, it will work 100%? Im planning adding Push/Pull for Humbucker coil split.
What effect gives coil tap?
But if i want to sound humbucker like single-coiled pickup, i should do Coil Split?
Are you asking what's the difference between a coil tap and a coil split? A coil tap technically is a tap in the coil where you can reduce the windings in the coil by flipping a switch. But 99.9% of the time when people say coil tap in reference to guitars, they mean the same as a coil split. And yes a coil split would split your humbucker to a single coil.
Ye, i know. Coil split is the right one. A lot of people thinks what coil split and coil tap are the same. Actually, coil tapping is for Single-Coiled pickups( usually), and split is for humbucker.

As i know, i can split it with push/pull pot, and i can make it with pot and the DPDT switch(ON-ON) by just connecting wires like on push/pull pot diagram.